The Queenship Workshop at Clayton State University

I love when I'm able to come out from behind the keyboard and empower women face to face.  Wednesday, I was given that opportunity as

Beautifully Driven

Celebrating “Beautifully Driven” Women & Experiences in ATL

This week, I was invited to celebrate the launch of the Beautifully Driven web series starring social influencers, Africa Miranda and Kimberly Lachelle.  Presented by


Detroit student, Dannah Wilson, gives stirring response to Betsy DeVos

The new President selected a cabinet to head various departments in the US Federal Government.  One of his selections are for Betsy DeVos, a woman with


Motivation Video: An easy way to Push Past The NO!!

You've got to be able to take the no's.  As an entrepreneur, a dreamer, a goal chaser, I heard my share of NO's.  However, I