Why Xscape reunited is great for Black Feminism

Last night, live on the BET Awards, Xscape gave us a trip down memory lane.  For those who remember the SoSoDef R&B group with all


Not Just Another Dope Boy Story: SnowFall Premiere’s July 5th on FX

I had the pleasure of viewing the advanced screening of John Singleton’s new drama, Snowfall, which premieres on FX, July 5th.   The show is


Melanin Skin Cancer

Sistas! Protect your melanin, skin cancer affects us too!

36 year old Jacqueline Smith has been spreading the word in the black community about the serious affects of skin cancer.  Although this is not


Movie Review: Transformers “The Last Knight”

Summer is here and a few of my favorite summers things are music festivals, beaches, and movies!  Coming from the class of '79, I am