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Where You Should Be Spending Your Money: Mindset Management

It’s another glorious Friday! And it’s time for us to highlight more amazing black entrepreneurs! In Where You Should Be Spending Your Money, we showcase the various businesses available in our community that we can support to inspire you to cycle your very important and all-powerful dollar amongst people that look like you and have YOU in mind.  Today, we feature Mindset Management.

IHTG: Tell us a little about yourself (hometown, family life, etc.).

Mindset Management
K. “Beautifull” Witherspoon

I love the simple things of life and living. I am an emerging minimalist and love to be able to find new freedom and fulfillment with possessing less physical stuff. I was born and grew up in Norfolk VA, raised in Montgomery AL. My sister is 11 years older than I am so I am pretty much an only child. I helped raise her 5 children and always looked for ways to encourage my life and theirs. I spent a lot of my years growing up competing with myself to get better grades, and excel in athletics, or whatever other mini-challenges I gave to myself. I always had the innate desire to do well and excel. I am not married, yet in a loving partnership with an amazingly talented and beautiful woman. I have a cat that I love and one day I will have at least one child I birth. I am a dancer so I dance daily as a means of fitness self-preservation mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am a member of the military since 2002 and look forward to retiring out this year.

IHTG: What motivated you to start this business?

I have always had a business or something I created of my own. I did massages of feet and hands when I was 9 years old and remember the excitement of making the price list, services detail and descriptions, and managing how it ran. My motivation is that I always have an idea and a vision for my interests, talents, and skills. My motivation is also driven by seeing what people’s needs and interests are. As I got older, my motivation continues to be that along with the opportunity to have an entity of income for myself and my family and community beneficence that I can pass on to my children or other members of my tribe that embodies purpose, growth, and creativity.

IHTG: Tell us about your business (what product or service do you offer, your typical customer, etc.).

My business is a dynamic set of services. MindSet Management LLC entails creative project management services, along with wellness and counseling services. I provide tailored project administrative services to a range of creative people and projects. This ranges from email monitoring, phone calls, event set up/break down, castings, on set production assisting, personnel management, etc. My typical clients are in the field of fashion, media/film, music, or dance related creative realms. I also do creative concept development and coaching. With my wellness and counseling services, I specialize in working with the entertainer and creative person, as well as children and adolescents, and adults. In addition is Sensual Self Fitness—an empowering and healing dance-focused fitness session for the everyday phenomenal woman. We focus on our entire self-fitness and our sensual selves to include owning our erotic autonomy.

IHTG: How does your business give back to the community?

I have a portion of my business which is The Resilience Project, that provides resources, net weaving, and low to no cost supports and services to those in need. We are the hub for connecting people in need to things they may need. We often facilitate getting donations needed for those in need and getting it delivered to them. We are seeking to expand this entity further into mentoring and community gathering.

IHTG: What advice would you give to someone considering starting a business?

The advice I would give to someone would be to be patient with yourself and the process. It could take off right away, or be slow and go. No matter what, allow your business to be alive by starting it, no matter how small or unsure. It is when it exists that it can start to grow and become what you envision it to be. Give it life so it can live. Be open to make mistakes and use them as your opportunity to adjust and grow. Connect with a mentor and other positive business minded and actioned persons so that you can be able to have a support mentally and emotionally.

IHTG: What is the best advice you’ve received since starting your business?

The best advice I received was about having a strong support system around me as I head into starting my own business. This was a challenge because I tend to do it all myself or am helping others, yet it took a few years before I could identify with those who could be a support to me. Sometimes finding like-minded or spirited persons can be hard, yet with discernment, its necessary for the process.

You can learn more about Mindset Management and their services by visiting

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