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I Hear That Girl! is a true empowerment LIFESTYLE.  Which is why we offer an essential service in Empowerment Coaching & Speaking Engagements to help people tap into their best selves.


See a future where you make the rules?  Want to get control over your life?  Need true definition of your individual purpose?

Our personal coaching sessions can help you reach your personal and professional goals.  Greatness begins at the source and that is why we start with pinpointing your individual greatness.  Once we’ve identified it, we can then help it expand into every facet of your life.

Kimberly “Isis” can deliver keynotes and lectures on topics relative to women with a prime focus on empowerment.  She aims to leave the audience with actionable steps that inspire them to think outside of the norm, challenge themselves to consider their true potential and begin building their best lives!

Contact me today, to finally break free and ACT on the greatness that is inside of YOU!  Give me a call at 678-902-IHTG or via email: or submit a quote below!


Peace & Blessings,



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