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I’m trying to save face! What the heck is this adult acne?

Nobody warned me about adult acne.  I am 38 years young.  2018, God-willing, I will enter the final year of my 30’s.  All of my life, I’ve been blessed with clear, unblemished, cocoa skin.  So, you can imagine my surprise in November, when I noticed a breakout that lasted well past my menstrual cycle.

The breakout seemed to be getting bigger and was confined to the right side of my face!  Now, let me give you some background information that I may be leaving out.  Immediately, I attributed the acne to one of two things:  my poor eating habits (I haven’t had vegetables in months!) or my lack of water.  I know, you’re probably side eyeing me, like… DUH!  But, seriously guys, I have always been this way and NEVER suffered from acne.

Acne Really?

So bad habits and all, I really had gone through life taking this gorgeous skin for granted.  And I believe a lot of us melanated peoples do.  My father has the most beautiful ebony skin.  His entire family does.  And I was blessed enough to receive that skin as well.  We never discussed skin care, because Pop’s, in the words of Beyonce… “Woke up like this!”  Until recently, skin care had never been a practice.  Because it didn’t require a regimen.  I know that I am not the only person who’s been there.

Anywho, I took to FaceBook and asked my followers for advice on how to clear my skin.  They gave me tons of home remedies and products to try.  So, I decided that I would try many of these suggestions each week until I find what can clear my skin.  Here’s to week one:

Saving Face:  Week One

My cousin Mike (who also has gorgeous skin), suggested that I relax, de-stress, and drink plenty of water.  There was another suggestion from two followers (Denise & Brittany) that suggested using Aloe to soothe my skin as a mask.  I also received a recipe for a face scrub to exfoliate with.  Taking all of these into consideration, I’ve devised my week one regimen:  

80 oz. of H20 per day

Exfoliate with Face Scrub: Coffee Grinds, Honey, Coconut Oil, Lemon

Apply Aloe Mask & Rinse



I’ll share with you guys my results weekly, so enjoy the ride and keep those fingers crossed for a solution!  I hope that in the process, it helps you as well.  Do you suffer from adult acne?  Let me know in the comments of any remedies that have worked for you or that you’d like me to try!

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