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An Evening With Ledisi: Let Love Rule

I had the opportunity to attend the private listening event for Ledisi’s newest album “Let Love Rule” and I was completely in awe of her artistry and spirit.

During the Q&A portion of the evening Ledisi was completely transparent with the audience, answering questions about her upbringing, loving the skin that she is in, of course the album, and her growth as an artist.
She let us know that she took a different approach with this album and is really tapping into her songwriter talents-singing songs and telling storie,s that may have not actually happened to her, but she definitely connects with. She also stated that this album has lots of reggae influences, as she recorded the majority of project in Jamaica.
Ledisi graced us with 3 songs off of the new album “Add To Me”, “High”, and “Let Love Rule”. If you ever have the chance to see her perform, I strongly suggest you do so(thank me later)!
20597023_721199135111_5520234299226024651_nThe room was filled with the who’s who of the industry and I even had the opportunity to meet THE TY HUNTER-you can’t think of Beyonce’s style and not think Ty Hunter!
“Let Love Rule” is the ninth solo effort from the Grammy-Award winning singer and is slated to touch down onĀ September 22nd.

Check out her new single- High