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Detroit student, Dannah Wilson, gives stirring response to Betsy DeVos

The new President selected a cabinet to head various departments in the US Federal Government.  One of his selections are for Betsy DeVos, a woman with absolutely NO experience in higher education or education period. She has been tapped to oversee the United States Education Department.  She is undergoing glaring scrutiny during her hearing, as she is most known for steering funds away from public schools.  The most articulate, searing, and insightful response to her speech came from someone who would be the most affected by her confirmation.  Dannah Wilson, a 17-year old Detroit student, gave a stirring speech in response to Betsy DeVos' confirmation hearing. I am moved by the passion and intellect from this young lady.  She not only confronts the issues that plague our public school system, she provides insight and possible solutions for what is so greatly needed.  She gives a perspective that only a student invested in the system can give.  As always, I Hear That Girl! stands behind women, young and old, that use their voices to speak up for their beliefs and the empowerment of their communities.  To you Dannah, we say, "I Hear That Girl! and we stand in solidarity along with you."  View her entire speech below:  

Motivation Video: An easy way to Push Past The NO!!


You've got to be able to take the no's.  As an entrepreneur, a dreamer, a goal chaser, I heard my share of NO's.  However, I never let a NO stop me.  I just kept pressing for the YES.  And when I got it... oh!!!  How sweet it was.  Knowing you can get that YES means you know you can get even more.  You just have to keep pushing past the NO's.  Everyone is not going to need, want, or desire what you have to offer, don't take it personally.  Just keep going until you find the people that do!!! Don't allow the fear of a NO to stop you from trying.  You will never know the answer if you don't ask.  Keep pushing, never give up.  Your YES could be behind your next NO. Do you struggle with the NO's??  How do you handle them?

Building Businesses in 2017 with Women of Color

Business women of color

2016 was an interesting year for me business-wise.  I saw the launch of the highly successful STRONGER Empowerment Tour and I also had a few failures.  However, one thing I've learned this year is that 2017 will be an even bigger entrepreneurial year of businesses for women of color.  I'm planning to stand side by side with my sisters in order to learn more, share more, and become a better businesswoman in my community. Odyssey Media, the leading brand in the empowerment of influential and affluent multicultural women, has announced the return of "IN THE BLACK," a dynamic tour of powerful networking experiences that allows women business professionals to share insights, discover strategies and build relationships.   Building on the success of last year's event, the "IN THE BLACK" Tour will take place November 11-18, 2016 and will host events in Newark, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Atlanta. Each event will feature a chic cocktail hour and high-energy presentations by notable business experts and speakers, including Odyssey Media founder Linda Spradley Dunn.   On the heels of one of the most polarizing elections in history, IN THE BLACK will be the nation's largest gathering of a key voting demographic: multicultural women business owners. For the past two terms, it has been widely recognized that this important group has been instrumental in deciding who fills the White House office as President. IN THE BLACK will include frank, post-election discussion topics ranging from the influence of our vote and the business of politics to inking the important documents needed to run a successful business.   This year, to reach a broader group of women, "IN THE BLACK" will host virtual watch receptions on November 18th in twenty additional cities nationwide where guests can experience this one of a kind tour via streaming video.   "The success of last year's tour inspired us to revamp our original concept to allow more women to join the movement that is 'IN THE BLACK,'" says Dunn. "By expanding our reach, we will be able share more information, provide more resources, create more opportunities and overall better serve the various needs of America's fastest-growing community of entrepreneurs – and that is multicultural women. I'm excited about the possibilities."   Confirmed speakers for the tour are:   Newark - 11/11 Tara Setmayer Love, CNN Contributor Jane Carter, Entrepreneur Gayle Hawkins, Prudential Financial Becky Davis, National Speaker, Business Coach Mikki Taylor, Editor at Large, Essence Magazine   DC - 11/13 Twyla Garret, Entrepreneur, Silvia Tarvas, Prudential Financial Monica Cost, Business Coach Mikki Taylor, Editor at Large, Essence Magazine   Chicago - 11/15 Amy Hilliard, Entrepreneur ShirleyAnn Robertson, Prudential Financial Monica Cost, Business Coach Mikki Taylor, Editor at Large, Essence Magazine   Atlanta - 11/17 Sharmeen Hawkins, Entrepreneur Lydia Reid, Prudential Financial Becky Davis, National Speaker, Business Coach Mikki Taylor, Editor at Large, Essence Magazine   The tour is presented by Coca-Cola 5by20, an initiative developed to empower 5 million women entrepreneurs worldwide by the year 2020. Additional sponsors of "IN THE BLACK" include Prudential, The COTY Family of Products (COVERGIRL, Sally Hansen and Clairol) and Life Reimagined.   Launched in 2015, "In the Black" was founded on the premise that women need several tools to succeed, including: a black book (with

America’s school system could learn a LOT from this woman!

America's School System

Without telling my age, schools just aren't what they used to be.  When I was going to school, it was more of an extension of my home life.  My teachers and principals were like my aunts and uncles.  And my peers, were like cousins.  My parents knew my teachers, we all lived in the same neighborhoods.  It was perfectly normal to see our teachers during a grocery trip or at the local park.  It takes a village to raise a child was a true sentiment that we were living out.  Today, America's school system could benefit greatly from this blast from the past. Back then, the teachers were concerned with your overall well being because they cared for you as if you were their own.  So if you were getting out of hand, there was no need to send a student to the principal, when the teacher had full authority (by the principal AND your parents) to discipline you as necessary.  THEN, your parents would also be made aware of your behavior.  But that's the time when children revered their parents.  "I'm gonna tell your mama," was an actual threat.  Today, it seems we have lost the sense of community.  The understanding that the entire community shared in the development of not just successful students, but all around good people for society.  Everyone took part in this development:  parents, teachers, board of education, council persons, etc.  Today, there is just a lot of placing the blame. I was happy to run across the story of Dr. Nadia Lopez, the Principal and founder of Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY.  She has taken the extra step to show how true concern and love can be the best form of developing great individuals (students).  Her story is so inspiring because she is serving an under-served community and shining a spotlight on the brilliant minds located there.  There's nothing wrong with our students, instead, there is something wrong with the way we are schooling them.  And it's time for a change.  I'm proud to see this sister at the helm, leading the charge.  Watch the video below for more information on Dr. Nadia Lopez and her role in the educational system in America.  From us to you...I Hear That Girl!

Positive Outlook Challenge… Join Me!


Mondays. know it can be a sad realization when we realize it's time to get back to work and our weekends are over.  Today, when my alarm clock went off at 6:30am, I had the same thought most people have, "I want to sleep just a couple more hours."  Instantly, something switched in me.  A small voice inside spoke brightly, "No!  We are happy to have this day and we are ready to seize it!"  In that moment, I made a pact with myself to try something different.  I instituted the Positive Outlook Challenge for me and me alone. While preparing for the radio show, I reminded myself to replace each negative thought that enters my mind with an opposing positive thought.  Simple as that.  I am training my mind to always see the bright side of every situation.  I believe that positive thinking is contagious and has a snowball effect as do negative thoughts.  I'd rather positivity consume my life than negativity.  How about you? My challenge is a 7 day challenge.  However, I want to make it a habit.  You can extend or stop after 7 days, but I want you to at least commit to a week of positive vibes.  I am sure it will bring forth the most amazing week you've ever had!  Consciously choosing to have a positive outlook on life is sure to give us abundant life and who doesn't want that?  So, are you with me?  Check out my FB Live video below as I tell you all about the #PositiveOutlookChallenge!  Be sure to share your experience with me here, via social media (@ihearthatgirl), or by emailing me:  I can't wait to hear from you!  

Change Your Life: Monday Motivation

Happy Monday lovies!  When the alarm goes off on Monday mornings, it's always a reminder of the place in life that many of us don't like.  Why are Monday's so hated?  It's the back to reality mindset.  Or should I say, Monday mornings for many people is like the return to the hamster wheel.  This applies to you if you're unsatisfied with any aspect of your life.  In today's video, I want to motivate you to take back your power and CHANGE IT!  Let me know what you're planning to change in the comments below!  

Video: Just Believe!

I just wanted to share this with you guys.  It's for anyone who may be feeling stuck, frustrated, as if they are not progressing.  This message came to me from my daily devotion.  We all grow weary, we all grow tired.  It's ok, we only have to believe!  Check out the video below.  Peace & Blessings!!

Amandla Stenberg’s Soul Session is a Call to Action for black women

I'm 37 years old and I am still peeling back the layers of me.  The difference now than 10 years ago, is that I am loving everything that I am learning about myself.  It's a true process to full acceptance of self.  It is what goaded me to write my first book, "I Hear That Girl:  Life Advice for Every Sista". Enter, Amandla Stenberg.   She’s been called one of the most influential teenagers in America. Her video history project “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows” went viral with nearly 2 million views. She recently co-directed a series called #BLACKGIRLMAGIC for Teen Vogue. And she’s done it all before even graduating from high school. Recently, the young activist was given a stage to speak and empower black women and girls across the globe.  What better platform than that of Oprah Winfrey and her "Soul Sessions".   When I watched the less than 20 minute video, I found myself recounting the many questions of inferiority and frustrations with society's standard of beauty.  I remember realizing that I didn't fit into that mold and that I never would, and how bad that could be.  It wasn't until years later when I decided, "so what!"  That was the day I began to love myself as a whole.  I work daily to continue to love the woman I am and am still becoming.  It's refreshing to see a young girl that recognizes her queendom so early.  These are the revelations I am impassioned to see on the faces of the many young girls and women I speak with during the STRONGER Tour and within the pages of this blog.  If we can empower our women, we can change our communities. Check out Amandla's moving speech:  My Authenticity is My Activism, below:

Acceptance begins with Self…

I think that self esteem and the need for validation begins at a very young age. Think back to as young as you can remember. How did you feel when you first understood what it meant to be accepted? How did you feel when you were first rejected? I’ll share my first experience of both! My first memory of being rejected was in the second grade, when I began being teased for not wearing the nicest clothes and shoes. I even remember being teased about my odor which I knew was a lie, but it didn’t change how the comments made me feel. At that age all I wanted was recess buddies and naps, the simple life right? Hmph well unfortunately that didn’t happen for me! This went on for years, I think it finally stopped when I started fighting back! No not with words, I got physical! Now by high school I’m feeling myself! I’d finally hit puberty, my curves are filling out, my hormones are kicking in, and I’m a cutie! So now instead of being picked at, I began being harassed.. Yes, my childhood was a cruel one. I’d now become “the new girl that thinks she’s all that”, hence I was always the new girl because I got kicked out of so many schools for fighting. As innocent as I wanted to behave I was never able to because I always felt that I had to prove myself. I had to prove that I could fight in order to be left alone, prove that I was cool enough to no longer be teased because of my no name brand clothes, prove that I could be the class clown because I wanted people to like me.. Boy the effect that this had on my life.. This conditioned me at a young age to live my life according to people’s opinions of me. If I wanted friends, relationships, or to be accepted by a certain group of people, then I felt I had to do what they were doing to fit in. However over the years I’ve lost a lot of “friends” and I may lose a few more because I will continue to grow! And as I grow I realize that everyone can’t go with me. Now I see that I wasn’t created to fit in anyone’s box nor was I to perfect their image of who they wanted me to be. I had to recondition my mind, and I am no longer held bound to the belief that I have to change to “fit” in anyone’s life! I am me, and I am loving learning about every bit of me. For so long I’ve had insecurities about who I am, And finally I see that I only cared so much because I hadn’t accepted myself. I always felt the need to be validated, or like I needed to do or be something else to fit in and it became so stressful. Can you imagine how tiresome it must be to wear so

Change is inevitable, Progress is optional

Change is something that can be very scary. It removes you from your comfort zone, and forces you to think outside the box. Many people are afraid of the unknown, and “change” can be just that, however it can also be a positive transition in life. It has been one of the best things that I’ve experienced yet. Change for me started three years ago when I decided to leave my comfort zone, which was my hometown. I’d grown up there for years and had the same circle of friends. We all had similar goals, which didn’t consist of much. We all had similar agendas, get cute, party, drink, work, begin again. Exciting right? Well we were young, no kids, and no real responsibilities! But being grown and still doing the same things? Oh no! Once I moved away and started meeting new people, my eyes began to open and my mind started to expand. The people that were placed in my path all had something in common, they all had goals! They knew where they were heading and they were passionate about getting there. The things I began to learn about amazed me.  As minute as some of these things were I was shocked that I’d never been exposed to them. Things such as a vision board, something I’d never heard of back home. I was introduced to people from all over that were educated, well-rounded, and well-respected. I knew that if this was going to be my circle, I definitely had some changing to do! Change was the greatest thing that could have ever happened to me.  It saved my sanity, changed my direction, my circle of friends and the way I carry myself. Being in a different environment around a new group of people forced me to change my thinking. I was beginning to see exactly how far behind I was and it was not a good feeling...which turned out to be a great thing! It made me so uncomfortable that I wanted to do something different. I think that was the best thing that could've ever happened to me, had I remained stagnant I wouldn’t be sharing my experience. I want to get comfortable with being uncomfortable so that I am always evolving. Life is all about growth and evolving and I was just getting a taste. Each day I started reading new quotes, listening to different motivational speakers and even reading new books.   I am learning to do things that make me uncomfortable, such as dating myself.  Yes I said it, dating myself! You know many of us young women have issues with being alone. We always feel the need to have someone in our lives, in our space, and in our bedrooms. Yes I’m guilty, that was once me as well! Until now, I’ve never truly experienced what it meant to be single, not date, and not have a regular sex partner! But now that I am single and truly just focused on me,

It Started With A Tweet: 3 Black Women Start Law Firm

Every business has its Hollywood origin story—the wee-hours revelation, the "Eureka!" moment, the so-crazy-it-just-might-work experiment. But the tale that the partners of the African-American- and female-owned KMR Law Group like to tell isn't some blockbuster epic. It's made of about 140 characters and one very consequential tweet. "I had been doing some work that I definitely didn't love," explains Yondi K. Morris, a founding partner of KMR. "Technically, I was a contract attorney, which means I went into law firms to help them with whatever they needed for some period of time." Newly installed at a law firm that she is too polite to shame, she was on the clock when a partner went over to check in on her progress. "He just looked at me and said, 'Okay, slave, get back to work.'" She was the only person of color in the room. "I looked around and just waited for someone to catch my eye," she remembers. No one met her gaze. Worse still, no one looked surprised. "WE JUST ALL CLICKED—OUR PERSONALITIES, OUR DREAMS, OUR AMBITIONS. IN THAT MOMENT, IT ALL MADE SENSE." "For me, honestly, I wasn't just insulted as an African-American woman. I didn't want to be viewed as a worker bee anymore." She went home and logged on and tweeted, "I need to start my own firm." Keli L. Knight wasted no time. She replied right away, writing, "Let's meet to discuss." They did, and invited Jessica Reddick, an old friend that Morris had known for a decade, to join. "We got together one day in Starbucks and that was the first meeting," Morris says. "We just all clicked—our personalities, our dreams, our ambitions. In that moment, it all made sense." Adrenaline and caffeine flowing, they sketched out a provisional logo on scrap paper and drafted an informal business plan to start a law firm in Chicago. "We decided we were going to do it," Morris says, "and haven't looked back since." To some extent, they've been planning for this for most of their lives. "From the time that I was a child, I was told that I should be a lawyer," Morris says. "I always had something to say. I was always arguing my point. I would organize family meetings when I wanted something." She remembers strategizing how best to convince her parents to have another child. "I had all my points written out," she says. "It was very thought through!" And while Reddick hadn't exactly planned to go to law school, she, too, remembers "sitting [her] parents down" to explain to them why she should have her way. "I had written out almost a motion to try to convince them what I wanted." Reddick credits her parents—both entrepreneurs—for encouraging her to find a path that could make her happy. It wasn't until she ended up on the business side of a law firm in Washington, D.C., that she realized she wanted to go back to school. "It really did just click," she says. But even when she went

Sisterpreneur: Ashley Lounds

T-shirts are expressive.  They can say so much in so little.  They express the personality of the wearer.  That is why I love them.  I'm a true t-shirt and jeans chick!  It can be dressed up or down in an instant.  So you know I was ecstatic to see a new line of tees that would help me express my spiritual side as well.   With a creative blend of classic styles and trendy phrases inspired by popular culture, 1st Kings Apparel brings an exciting new T-shirt line to the faith-based community. Founder, Ashley Lounds, recognizes the importance of spreading positive messages through fashion and her personal life experiences influenced the decision to launch 1st Kings Apparel. "God has showed himself strong in my life and it is my goal to do the same for him. I want my life to reflect his glory," she says.       Using fun lyrical references and hashtags like #WontHeDoit made popular by celebrity favorites, 1st Kings Apparel is poised to be a mega hit among fashion enthusiasts of all facets.     Visit to check out their full collection or connect with them on social media @1stKingsApparel.  Let's support our sister in her endeavors!

Doing Community Good

Every Tuesday, I Hear That Girl! and The Radio Revival, will be highlighting a special person and/or organization that is "Doing Community Good".  Do you know someone that is constantly giving back, contributing their time and resources to the community?  If so, we want to salute them.  Send us an email about that person for an opportunity to have them featured in our weekly, "Doing Community Good" feature! This Week's Feature: Kimya Motley- Haven of Light International Kimya Motley has experienced family violence during the course of her lifetime. She accepted those situations as part of the normal progression of life. On September 20, 2011, all of that changed. She was shot by her ex-husband four times in the back of the head, neck, face, and back with a .38 caliber pistol. Additionally, he shot her then 10 -year old daughter, once, at point blank range in the head. Neither were expected to live, but did by God’s grace and love. Kimya knew that with the help of Jesus, she could turn her tragedy into triumph for so many others. Out of her experiences with domestic violence, the idea for Haven of Light International was birthed. Haven of Light seeks to build healthy families through a relationship with Jesus Christ and believes that lasting change is only possible through Him.   Our women's program seeks to equip the women with the necessary tools to rebuild their lives spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially after physical, emotional, verbal, and/or sexual trauma.  For the men that our willing, we partner with local programs to help transform the men from perpetrators to protectors.Furthermore, our community outreach programs educate and provide resources for the public in the education, religious, and business sectors. We are transforming families with God's love in an atmosphere of restoration, healing, forgiveness, and hope. For more information visit: Haven of Light will be hosting an upcoming Teen Talk Summit, Sunday, February 27th at Springfield Baptist Church in Conyers, GA.

I Hear That Girl!: Essence Atkins ‘Washing The Feet’ of A Sister

I don't know if you've read this story before or not, but when I did, my heart claimed Essence Atkins as more than a sister...she was immediately a role model.  Her act of kindness, unselfishness, and encouragement echoed in my spirit.  Her act pricked my heart to action!  In her innocence, she inspired me to love harder on my sisters.  Read more about the remarkable act below, courtesy of Huffington Post. Essence Atkins got down on her knees and washed my friend Allison Pecola Person's feet today which I believe is a wonderful way to exude a simple act of kindness. #WWJD #TYL Posted by Michael Adeyeye on Friday, November 13, 2015 Actress Essence Atkins did one of the most humbling things anyone could do for another person -- she washed a woman’s feet. While promoting her new stage play, "Things Your Man Won’t Do," at an Atlanta radio station, the "Smart Guy" actress kneeled down to a seated stranger, Allison Person, and began rolling her sleeves up. Initially a skit about something one's significant other wouldn't do, Atkins turned that moment into a moving gesture. "This wasn't planned for me to do this, but sisters, it's important that we love on each other,” a choked up Atkins said. "I know I just met you today but I know the road that you walk.” Person became emotional and covered her teary eyes as Atkins continued her heartfelt speech. "I want you to know that I got you, that I support you and I love you," Atkins said. "And if we don't give that to each other y'all we are lost. We will never be what we can be.” Person posted a response video on Facebook expressing her gratitude and urging others to spread the same love she received from Atkins. "It was overwhelming, the love that she gave me being that she didn't know me, still doesn't know me," Person said, saying she had been going through a tough emotional time, unbeknownst to Atkins. "I pray that metaphorically you wash the feet of someone else, you do something that pulls you out of your level of comfortability and serve someone else. It's so much deeper than her washing my feet but it's simply us serving one another." Watch the entire video of this beautiful act of sisterhood above.

Survivor Series: Alea Anderson

I’ve been interviewing women that have survived Breast Cancer or Domestic Violence.  Our next featured SURVIVOR is Alea Anderson.  Here is her story: IHTG: What is your job title/business? Alea:   I am the owner of Allure Designs in Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in in-home paint parties, interior design services, custom paintings and jewelry. IHTG: How old were you when the violence began? Alea:  The violence did not begin until I said, "I do" at the age of 28, however the verbal and emotional abuse began at the age of 15. I married my high school sweetheart. He was older so, manipulation, intimidation, seclusion, and name calling were some of the methods he used to easily control me. Being that I was extremely young and unaware of emotional and verbal abuse, I had no clue that I was being abused. IHTG: Take us back to that day, how did it begin? Alea:  I think this excerpt from a book I recently co-authored where I delve into the abuse I endured explains it best: " “I’m gonna kill you!” he yelled as I stared into his eyes. I no longer recognized him. A pool of darkness had replaced the love that once danced in his pupils. His lifeless eyes reflected no soul. The weight of his body on my chest threatened to crush me. His grip on my neck grew tighter as he gradually choked the life out of me. I stopped fighting, as my attempts to break free were futile against his brute force. I had given up. Maybe I shouldn’t have awakened him to help me with night feedings. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked him to help me bathe her. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked him to watch her while I showered and used the bathroom. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked him to hold her while I cooked. After all, the answer is always “no!” I shouldn’t have upset him like this.These were my thoughts as I struggled to take what I knew would be my last breath. After I left the first time, he promised he would never put his hands on me again. We had just found out I was pregnant with our daughter. The very next day I found myself flying across the living room and crashing into the television. I can’t remember what I had done that time to make him so upset with me. He told me I knew how to press his buttons, so I knew his rage was my fault. That night, I left and ran to my Mother’s house, fearing for my life and fearing that I would lose the baby. The next day, he called begging for me to come home. He said that he was sorry, that he wanted his family back and that he would never put his hands on me again. Me trusting his word and being under the, Battered Woman syndrome spell, I obliged. Against my better judgment and my Mother’s warning, I went back. He kept his promise throughout the rest of my pregnancy. Everything was okay, except for the

Survivor Series: Kim McKelvy

Throughout the month of October, I’ve been interviewing women that have survived Breast Cancer or Domestic Violence.  Our next featured SURVIVOR is Kim McKelvy.  Here is her story: IHTG:  What is your job title/business? Kim:  Dietary Tech @ Hospital IHTG:  In what year were you diagnosed? Kim:  2013, I was 51 and I was diagnosed right before my 52nd birthday. IHTG:  Take us back to that day, how did you take the initial diagnosis? Kim:  I felt horrible. I took the initial diagnosis as a death sentence. You know when you hear the word cancer, you automatically think of death. My mother passed away of Ovarian Cancer in 2004 and my sister is also a breast cancer survivor. I witnessed their walk with cancer. I just saw my life diminish before my eyes. That’s the worst news anybody would want to receive. I called my daughter immediately after I left the doctor’s office to give her the news and we just cried on the phone together. One thing she said was “It’s going to be okay Mama, God got you, you will NOT lose this battle”, at that time I was like no, this thing is going to remove me out of this world. IHTG:  When did you decide to fight and not succumb to the disease? Kim:  My daughter has been a strong believer in the Lord and was always in my ear encouraging me. The question WHY AND WHATS started to play over and over in my mind. WHY ME? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS? WHAT DID I NOT DO RIGHT? WHY AM I BEING PUNISHED? At first I lost my Faith and ALL hope. After about 2 to 3 months, after I went through all the changes and emotions, after it all sunk in…I got up one day and my grandbabies and my daughter were all I could think about and I stood up and said “It’s time to fight! This cancer is NOT going to take me out like this. I am a FIGHTER and I am STRONGER than this!  So that’s what I began to do, with a smile on my face. My Faith in God got stronger and there was so much hope that I was going to survive. IHTG:  What were some of the things you did to keep you motivated throughout the process? Kim:  My daughter was…well is my rock. It didn’t matter what time of day or night it was, I could call her and vent and she would listen and encourage me no matter what I had to say. She would send me scriptures every day and tell me that I would overcome and she would claim my victory and made sure I declared that over my life. She told me that my test would be my testimony. There were times she would post stuff about my situation on Facebook and at first I was mad because I was embarrassed….but when I tell you that over 100 people commented on there with nothing but encouraging words and prayers and positive spoken

Survivor Series: Janie-Aadyah Harris

Throughout the month of October, I’ve been interviewing women that have survived Breast Cancer or Domestic Violence.  Our next featured SURVIVOR is Janie-Aadyah Harris.  Here is her story: IHTG:  What is your job title/business? Janie-Aadyah:  I am the founder of ONFIYA, Inc., a mentoring program for youth and young adults that helps them become self sufficient. IHTG:  How old were you when the violence began? Janie-Aadyah:  I was 15. IHTG:  Take us back to that day, how did it begin? Janie-Aadyah:  In 2012, I took my oldest daughter to go and stay with her dad for a couple of days. Something told me to call her and check on her.  I called her and she stated to that she had not seen her dad since earlier that day and she was in the grocery store with his baby mama.  I got off the phone with her and called her dad to tell him to take her to my father’s house. He said,  "...give him a hour."   An hour passed by and he called me back saying meet him at his grandparents’ house because he was not going to drop her off at my dad’s.  I told him that was fine that I would come and pick her up.  When I pulled up to the home. He approached my vehicle questioning me.  He then told me that my daughter was not leaving his house and there was nothing I could do about it.  I asked his grandparents if they could send my daughter outside, instead the grandma came walking out.  Once she came out, she and I began to talk.  He ran up on me and punched me in my mouth.  I fell to the ground with blood coming from my mouth.  He then proceeded to pull my hair, kick me all over, knee me, and punch me repeatedly.  I'm not sure what made him stop... IHTG:  When did you decide to fight and not succumb to the abuse? Janie-Aadyah:  When I was 3 months pregnant he punched me in my stomach and I also miscarried.  Then my daughter was born and at 2 weeks old he tried to hit me again, but I defended myself and broke up with him and never went back. IHTG:  What were some of the things you did to keep you motivated throughout the process? Janie-Aadyah:  I just really avoided him. I stayed away from him and I turned my life completely around after that situation. God is what kept me motivated. IHTG:  Tell us about the emotions you faced during your battle. Janie-Aadyah:  I felt guilty about what happened. I felt like maybe I deserved for him to have tried to kill me.  I felt afraid for my life.  Just not knowing what he would try to do, knowing he didn’t kill me... it made me numb and very emotionless. IHTG:  How has your outlook on life changed? Janie-Aadyah:  My outlook on life changed tremendously.  I actually changed my whole life around and it made me build a real relationship with GOD.  That incident is what inspired me to incorporate my mentoring program.  I now see my life as an

Survivor Series: Jennifer Buggs

Throughout the month of October, I've been interviewing women that have survived Breast Cancer or Domestic Violence.  Our first featured SURVIVOR is Jennifer Buggs.  Here is her story: IHTG: What is your job title/business? Jennifer:  Payroll Administrator. IHTG: In what year were you diagnosed? Jennifer:  2007, when I was 24. IHTG: Take us back to that day, how did you take the initial diagnosis? Jennifer:  My initial reaction was disbelief and fear… for 2 years doctors were telling me it was just a blocked milk duct, but to find out it was cancer was terrifying. My grandmother died of breast cancer and that was all I knew about it. I was given my diagnosis on September 18, the day before my family and I were scheduled to take family photos for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. Everyone wanted to reschedule because of my diagnosis but me, not knowing what my outcome would be, I wanted to have the pictures as memories. IHTG: When did you decide to fight and not succumb to the disease? Jennifer:  The day that I was given my options of treatments I knew that I would fight until I didn’t have any fight left. My daughter was only 4 at the time and I wanted to see her grow up and become a woman and be able to take care of herself. IHTG: What were some of the things you did to keep you motivated throughout the process? Jennifer:  My daughter was my ultimate motivation, in her 4 years she had been through so much. She was born at 27 weeks, weighing only 2.9lbs before she was even 2 weeks old she had already had 2 major surgeries. On the days I wanted to give up I thought about how I watched her fight for 3 months in the hospital to be here in my life so there was no way I wouldn’t fight to stay in hers. My faith in God kept me going as well, I knew that there was a reason for what I was going through, I just had to be patient and watch God work. IHTG: Tell us about the emotions you faced during your battle. Jennifer:  I experienced every emotion possible at times; I am naturally an emotional person so when I had my double mastectomy I cried for weeks, I felt less of a woman. I feared the unknown of what chemo would do to me and if it would even be effective…but that was on my worst days. I was blessed to have an amazing support system and they never left my side throughout the entire journey and they kept my spirits lifted. Even on days when I wanted to just have pity parties I just couldn’t do it because my situation could have been worse. God was blessing me so who was I to complain. IHTG: How has your outlook on life changed? Jennifer:  I appreciate the people in my life more, they were my biggest supporters and they showed me genuine love even when times were difficult. I now look for the positive in every situation because going through things

I Cried on ‘Shark Tank’ Last Week, and I’m Not Sorry

courtesy of Huffington Post One of the biggest decisions anyone can make in life is to become an entrepreneur. Whether it's on a whim or after meticulous planning, there are always unforeseen obstacles and hurdles on your journey to success. And while achieving your business goals is no easy feat for anyone, there are many contradictions facing women entrepreneurs: Be strong, but not too strong, because then you are a bitch. Be aggressive, but not too aggressive, because you don't want to be considered manly. We are told to embrace our womanhood, but leave our feelings out of the boardroom. I cried on ABC's "Shark Tank" last week. Am I the first to cry on the show? No. Will I be the last? Definitely not. I have been an avid viewer and superfan of the show, and was one of over 30,000 people who auditioned for this current season. Getting to pitch my business, Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions, on Season 7 should have been the highest point in my career. Instead, I am defending my performance against criticism fueled by the words of one of the women entrepreneurs on my episode. Barbara Corcoran, an investor on "Shark Tank," said to me, "The minute a woman cries, you're giving away your power. You have to cry privately." I disagree. Crying makes us human, not just female. Crying does not discredit all of a woman's potential and accomplishments. We are supposed to be able to lean in, thrive and learn to use the power of vulnerability -- but for goodness' sake, DO NOT CRY! Would Corcoran give the same advice she gave me to Facebook COO and author of Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg, who openly admits to crying at work? Arianna Huffington, the president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post and author of Thrive, has said that she loves crying and believes it can help people move on. Looks like I am in good company with Sandberg and Huffington. I welled up because I felt my life was on the line. I recalled all the sacrifices I had made to be in front of my television mentors. I was thinking about how I had to leave my business in Los Angeles for several months (before I had employees) to go to Columbus, Ohio, to be at my terminally ill father's bedside. I received the news that I had been selected to go on the show on the anniversary of his death. It felt like destiny. In front of the investors and the world, my passion raged on until I could no longer contain the importance of the moment. I left everything I had on that stage, including the tears of the journey it took to get me there. Recently, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton teared up while discussing her gun control plan. She was overcome with emotion while introducing the mother of a child who was tragically killed in the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. Does this purely human and normal reaction now make Clinton weak? We wouldn't

‘There’s Always More’ Oprah’s Moving Tribute to Serena

Although Serena had a surprising loss knocking her out of the US Open Sunday, we are still very proud of her.  There is no denying her talent on the court.  If she never wins another match, Serena Williams has accomplished the highest of accolades, she has become an ICON.  She's a symbol of tenacity, strength, fierceness, and beauty.  As a black woman, she inhabits my qualities.  She represents us each time she steps on the court, or on the red carpet, or even the runway!  Following the upset, ESPN played a videopic put together as a gift from her sister Venus and narrated by Oprah.  In this video, Oprah Winfrey examines Serena Williams' career and her 21 major titles.  This piece made my heart beam, even playing it several days later.  Each time I see it, I am empowered and reminded that I can take on the world.  I am Serena.  We are Serena.  We are champions.   Check it out below and let me know in the comments how it made you feel.

This Amazing 10-Year-Old Wants To Help Make Girls More Confident

Olivia Allen, 10, has already taken her first steps to becoming a philanthropist. Allen, who lives in Louisville, Kentucky, hosted a free conference for her peers on Aug. 22 titled, “I Can Be: Girls Confidence Conference.” “It’s important to give back,” Allen told The Huffington Post. “There are a lot of people in our community and if I help someone, they’ll help someone else… and it will be a cycle.” About 50 girls ages 8 to 12, and their parents, attended the conference as Allen led her peers in a morning filled with workshops that touched on the physical, social and psychological challenges young girls face, mainly by tackling wavering self-esteem. Allen said, this conference was necessary because she noticed a decline in morale among young girls in her community. "I realize some girls' confidence goes down when they start puberty,” Allen said, admitting that she even noticed a difference in her own at times. Because of this, she said, she wanted to do something to uplift others.  Allen spent this summer planning the conference mainly on her own and had financial assistance from her mother, Anitra Allen. She contacted speakers to help lead three separate workshops that focused on envisioning success, turning a passion into a business and personal health care. The conference also featured two keynote speakers (Barbara Sexton Smith andAshley D. Miller) who addressed confidence and pursuing your dreams. Greg Fischer, mayor of Louisville, opened the conference and commended Allen for her work in the community. According to her mom, Allen has always had a caring spirit. She said, her daughter once told her after seeing a panhandler one day after school, "Mommy, every time I see a homeless person, I just want to raise money to buy them a house.” She suggested her daughter do something more feasible to help out her community and Allen took her advice, she said, by holding a toy drive in March where she collected more than 100 toys for Kosair Charities. One month following the toy drive, Allen organized a food drive where she fed underprivileged children in her community.  The confidence conference was Allen's most recent community outreach event, but she told HuffPost it wouldn’t be her last. She plans on continuing her work in the community and holding another conference for girls soon, she said.  “The importance of having a conference like this is to show girls what they can be,” her mom told HuffPost. "I never want to tell her she can’t do anything.” Allen attributes much of her confidence to both her parents and her spiritual upbringing. Her career aspirations currently include everything from becoming a fashion designer, mathematician, news anchor, actress, singer and more. "It was important to me because it was important to her," her mom said. "Confidence is one of those things that can dictate what you decide to do and that will influence who you think you are."


In recent news everything that we are hearing about black lives is apparently not in the norm unfortunately. When we were growing up as little girls we dreamed of being successful doctors, lawyers and teachers but don’t allow anything that is going on now to dampen your future and your vocal approach to certain ideas and causes. It seems as though the same things that we were once fighting for in the past has come back to haunt us and to say the least we would have never thought that we would be reliving the same circumstances today. I can already tell you that the place we once thought we were free from we are no longer safe but we must make  sure that we stand firm and speak up for what we believe because all voices matter. We can no longer be silenced based on what he, she or they say but based solely on what we say with our own mouths. You’ve seen the popular hashtag #whatshername surrounding the Sandra Bland case but I want to put a new meaning and more positive approach to what it means. You’ve asked #whatshername, she is beautiful, bold, smart and she is you. She no longer sits and take notes but she is leading the pack with words of wisdom and a bold attitude that others will never forget.   Aminah Farley is an alum of Albany State University and lifestyle blogger.  Follow her online at

Media Mogul Cathy Hughes Knows What It’s Like To Be Hungry

courtesy of Woman's Day Cathy Hughes, 68, is the founder and chairperson of Radio One, the largest African-American–owned and operated broadcast company in America. The Washington, DC, company has 55 stations in 16 U.S. markets. But earlier in her life, Cathy knew what it was like to feel hungry. "My three siblings and I grew up in Omaha's projects; our father was in college and our mother was a housewife, so we didn't have much money. We weren't literally starving, but we never had enough to feel satisfied. I remember coming home from my job at 9 p.m. one night when I was 14 (I lied about my age to get hired). The dinner my mom had set aside for me had been eaten by my brothers. They'd left the napkin puffed up on top of the plate to cover their tracks.  I became pregnant at 16, and moved in with my soon-to-be husband's family. My son, Alfred, was born in 1965, and my husband and I split up soon after. I put myself through college in Nebraska, and eventually took a job as a sales manager at Howard University's radio station. In 1979, my second husband and I bought our own station and turned it into Washington, DC's first black perspective talk radio station. But three years later, we split up and I lost the house. Money was tight, and I worked constantly to keep the business alive. For 18 months, I slept on the radio station floor and cooked soup on a hot plate. Now that I'm financially comfortable, I keep my pantry so stocked, you'd think I had 10 grandkids, not just one. I donate extras to homeless shelters and to seniors who often have to choose between food and medicine. No one should have to make that choice. At Radio One, we've fed thousands of people through donation drives and Thanksgiving turkey giveaways. It's an incredible feeling to know that my child—and his child—have always had enough to eat. The cycle of hunger has been broken." September is Hunger Action Month! If you want to take action, volunteer at your local Feeding America food bank, host a donation drive, or make a donation at ​Feeding America helps some 46.5 million people a year, including 12 million kids and 7 millions seniors.

Learn From The Best: Billion Dollar Business Owner Gives Tips

courtesy of Madame Noire Founder of Act1 Group, a multi-billion-dollar staffing firm, Janice Bryant Howroyd knows all about humble beginnings. Growing up in a segregated North Carolina and being one of 11 children, Howroyd had many odds against her. But one day she decided to take a leap and with only $900 in her pocket she left North Carolina in 1976. She turned less than $1,000 into a fortune. ACT1 Group helps others find employment in over 75 cities across the globe and Howroyd abides by four principles of success to keep her business thriving. On Wednesday, the history-maker sat down with TODAY’s special correspondent Jenna Bush Hager to dish on her success tips. Here’s how she did it, as told to TODAY: 1. Make sure you’re prepared. 2. Understand what the goal is. 3. Understand that all of those around, particularly family, are part of that success. 4. Always find a moment of gratitude and be grateful along the journey “You see the evolution in technology, you see the transparency that the world offers, but the fundamental things that we built the business from have stayed the same, and I really think that’s more the secret to the success,” said Howroyd. In the 1970s when the CEO launched her business, times were much different then they are now, with even more hurdles to jump. However, Howroyd also credits her relationship with her family as part of her success. They taught her to rise above the racial hatred she witnessed in the South. “I heard a lot of ‘no’s’ growing up but my parents didn’t allow that. Our parents were so nurturing, and the community was so nurturing that we worked more toward the potential and the possibility, than we did the threat, or the denial of opportunities,” said Howyord of her childhood whose words still ring true today. But that doesn’t mean it was easy. “It was harsh, it was ugly, and it should never have been that way. My mother used to always tell us, ‘In order to be outstanding, sometimes you’re just gonna have to stand out,’ so I grew from that root of really working forward, not being held back,” continued Howyord who also credits discipline to her success. Today, more and more women are starting their own businesses than ever before with nine million businesses being led by women. “Let’s be clear, the climate has changed, but it’s not sunny weather,” Howyord said. “Women still have a lot of need for change in how the world works.”   Get more of Howyord’s wisdom below.  


When life hands you lemons, what do you do? Make lemonade right. What if your cards aren’t exactly dealt how you want them to. It leaves you in a position of uncertainty of why those things happened and what you can do to keep moving forward.You may have gone through a lot but don’t allow anything to deter you from your life’s goals. Go ahead and put in the atmosphere that you are a conqueror and you can take down anything that goes up against your predestined purpose. Just think of it like this everything that you have gone through is a simple redirection of where you are meant to go that’s all. Live life accordingly based on the purpose that you have been given. Continue to use each downfall as motivation for each task that you will be given.  

An Open Letter to Black Women About Mental Health

courtesy of Huffington Post I remember the first time I became aware of my own struggles with mental health. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I isolated myself from my peers and I was extremely irritable and always frustrated with the world and with my life. I was 16 years old when I came to the conclusion that I could no longer handle the life that I was given and I became suicidal. I was consumed and obsessed with the thought of ending my life, and I took the first step when I began to self-mutilate and neglect any health concerns related to my body. Now, at the age of 25, I take a look back at my fragile 16-year-old self and ask her, "Why didn't you get help?" I see a young girl who was broken, bruised, hopeless and searching for love and belonging. I silenced my hurts and my pains and my thoughts had me enslaved. I carried on in life as if I were completely fine, completely normal; yet, the tally marks engraved on my wrist were evidence that things weren't as good as I portrayed them to be. I was the student who never gave anyone any problems. I was the child who brought home good grades and I was the quiet, shy, introverted young girl on the block who stayed out of harm's way. I was also the kid who came from Panamanian immigrants who grew up living a poverty-stricken life and lacked resources until they came to America. I came from parents who grew up with the belief that feeding your family was your first priority, so how you "felt" was irrelevant --unless your feelings were going to provide food and shelter. I come from a cultural and ethnic belief that problems are to be dealt with on your own; the idea of seeking therapy was frowned upon and not respected. You don't pay people to handle your problems; you handle them on your own. So, when I look back at my younger self and I ask her "Why didn't you get help"? and I remind myself of how lonely and painful it would have been for me to publicly admit that I was depressed and suicidal. In my mind, I was raised to be a strong, black woman who could handle her own emotions -- not ask someone to help me sort them out. How dare I need treatment for feeling worthless and for being bullied when I come from a lineage of ancestors who used strength and endurance as a way to survive? But maybe our survival tactics are actually causing us more harm than prosperity. Dear Black Women: Yes, you are queens. Yes, you are magical. Yes, you are strong and yes, you have a resilient heart that is capable of enduring pain and surpassing any struggle. But I want you to know that above all else, you are human, and mental health is a serious illness that does not discriminate. Despite popular belief, it is not


What is it that keeps you going in the morning ? Is it that you are trying to obtain a goal or retrieve a paycheck? It's ok to say both, in fact these two contributing factors are what keeps you motivated to expect something great. In this case you are the only one to see the vision but others have the slightest idea or may not comprehend your end goal. Maybe you are ambitious about getting a job or winning a contest. Its possible to receive those things but the main thing here is that you are consistent with your faith to receive exactly what you want. If you consistently keep your goal and faith in action there is no way you can loose. It's going to take some time for all of those things to work together but what is meant for you -you will receive and it will happen sooner or later.I'm here to tell you to dream big and those things that you are hoping for can actually come true. If anyone else doesn't believe that you can retrieve that goal its that they don't have the same faith as you do but keep striving and pressing so that you can get what you have so anxiously waited for.

Only 74 Black Women Hold PhDs in Physics, You Can Help Make it 75!

As is true for all the hard sciences, black women are woefully underrepresented in physics. According to African American Women in Physics, just 74 black women hold a PhD in physics, astronomy, applied physics and space physics combined. Compare that to the 1,743 people who, according to the American Institute of Physics, graduated with a physics PhD in 2013 alone. The numbers are simply staggering. The Fisk-Vanderbilt Master’s-to-PhD Bridge Program hopes to improve that by providing students who’ve graduated with a bachelor’s in science the courses, training and research skills they need to prepare for a doctorate program in a supportive environment. The program is attended by just a handful of brilliant students each year. LaNell Williams, who graduated from Wesleyan with a bachelor’s degree in physics last month, is hoping to attend the Fisk-Vanderbilt program this fall in order to complete her master’s and apply for a PhD program. But she has to get there first. Williams is raising just $3,000 for basic expenses, like travel and housing, to get to Nashville, Tennessee, to start the program. In the last five months, she’s raised less than half of that, and still needs $1,900 to make pursue her dream of obtaining a doctorate in physics. You can read more about her effort on her GoFundMe page.

First Black Female Astronaut, Mae Jemison, talks Fear and Inclusion

courtesy of Fast Company On paper, Mae Jemison’s accomplishments are so varied and groundbreaking, you would never stop to consider that she—like most all of us— isn’t completely fearless. Jemison studied chemical engineering at Stanford before going to medical school at Cornell. From there, she went into the Peace Corps as a medical officer for Sierra Leone and Liberia before becoming a general-practice physician in Los Angeles. An itch to keep exploring, something that Jemison admits has been with her since childhood, led her to NASA, where she became an astronaut and the first woman of color in the world to go into space, aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, for its STS-47 Spacelab-J mission in 1992. Among her more recent ventures, Jemison’s taught environmental science at Dartmouth, leads 100 Year Starship, an initiative to get humans to travel beyond our solar system within the next 100 years, started the Earth We Share science literacy project, serves as Bayer Corporation USA's national science literacy advocate, and is on the boards of Kimberly-Clark, Scholastic, and Valspar. Along the way, she’s learned a lot, from complex technical engineering to soft skills like patience. FEAR ISN'T ALWAYS A WEAKNESS According to Jemison, she’s learned it’s what you do with that fear that makes the difference. She suffered from a fear of heights, but once she got into the astronaut training program, Jemison says, "There was no way I was not going to get through because of my fear of heights." Instead, she relied on the strength of her ego to push forward. IT’S A WEAKNESS ONLY IF IT KEEPS YOU FROM DOING STUFF. "It’s a weakness only if it keeps you from doing stuff," Jemison explains, adding that derring-do is not necessarily a strength. She believes as you learn your strengths and work on weaknesses, the key is more an issue of balance than to focus on one in hopes the other will disappear. "You can rely on strength so much, you don’t build up your other capabilities," says Jemison. Having too much empathy can hold you back as much as not having any and not be able to read a room, she points out. As for herself, she always tries new things to see what she could do better, something as simple as switching which hand she uses to do something. "I do things with my left hand just to see if I can," she explains. The change in perspective is enough to shake things up a bit. "We are all tasked to balance and optimize ourselves," she underscores. CONFIDENCE BOOST OR BUST One of the results of this practice has been boosting confidence, according to Jemison. She has had her share of both supporters and detractors. The latter, from the time she was in kindergarten, included one teacher who learned she wanted to become a scientist and told her to pursue nursing instead. On the flip side, Jemison says other teachers were there to provide encouragement, or at least equality. One professor at Stanford chose lab partners and stressed that those who didn’t

Give It All You’ve Got

When I hear the phrase "Give it all you’ve got" a song keeps popping up in my head but nonetheless those are victorious words to give you that extra push to the end. It may take all that you've got to get where you want to be. Everything that you may go through is all in the process to see that which lies ahead of you. Just like a track star competing in a race you are almost at the finish line but you must strive patiently to get there. You specifically qualify to give it all you've got at this very moment. You can do it! Nothing lies in the way of your success but all you have to say is, “no matter what I can make it”. Even when it feels like too much to bear you will get to that point of successfulness but you have to work for it. That time will come and I'm sure you will rejoice because you endured and because that time is finally here. I want you to strive to be great the rest of this week, pace yourself and approach everything with confidence to know that it will all work out for the very best.   With Style and Grace,Aminah Farley Blogger,Dainty Hanima

Women With a Purpose

When you were younger did you ever think you would have been the person you are today? Those little girls with vision have now turned into women living with a purpose. Maybe playing with dolls taught you how to be responsible for something else or coloring inside the lines showed you how to be neat. Everything we have learned thus far were all apart of who we have become and how they have managed to intervene into our daily lives. Now we are moved into an arena where we are more than what society thinks but women who excel in our own right. It is best to also surround ourselves with people that propel us forward  to be successful beings as we become bigger and better each day. We are what the world is waiting for.Are you living on purpose ? Blogger, Dainty Hanima

Celebrating Womanhood

This month is Women's History Month.Even though women are celebrated everyday there is an official month that we can use in order to honor amazing women in history and in the present day . Without the help of women can you imagine not being able to vote,owning your own company or being able to sit where you want to on the bus.We have many assets,personalities and gifts that make us who we are created to be. Throughout time and in the present day we have always managed to be beautiful,smart and undeniably strong. You shall always use everything to your fullest advantage because you are the only woman that can do exactly what you were born to do.Many women have set the path for us so we have to continue walking on that path and fulfill our destinies as well. Just as Maya Angelou stated in her poem , "When you see me passing It ought to make you proud.I say,It's in the click of my heels,The bend of my hair,the palm of my hand,The need of my care,'Cause I'm a womanPhenomenally." Blogger, Dainty Hanima

Perfectly Imperfect

As beautiful women I'm sure we've had something that we didn't like or wanted to change. What if I told you that-that imperfection was probably one of your greatest assets. Many times we are our worst critics but there is someone that isn't even paying attention to the negative but is yet identifying with the aspect of you giving off a bright smile even though it may be crooked or have a gap parted right in the middle. You are beautiful and that imperfection can make even the toughest days better to someone that needs it the most. Instead of looking at those imperfections look at how far you've gotten and what joy you are already bringing to someone's life as you know it. Just focus on the road ahead and leave those negative things behind you because you are the perfect imperfection of you. Aminah Farley Blogger,Dainty Hanima


Have you ever been in a situation where you were the only female in your company in a high position or doing something that requires a lot of skill. Let me tell you I've been there before and people will begin to tell you all the ways why you shouldn’t be in this position or better yet why a man or someone with greater authority isn't there instead. That's totally false and definitely terrible advice. You are exactly where you are meant to be for a reason. Never allow other individuals perceptions of where they think you should be ruin the calling over your lives. If you ignore their negativity then that gives you more room to keep showing them what you do best and that’s remaining true to yourself, working hard and being beautiful. I believe that when people underestimate you it gives you even more motivation to keep going and to press forward .So use that energy to create something bigger beyond your imagination then see what people will have to say then .You were created for this season not of underestimation but of a renowned God given purpose.  Aminah Farley is a creative and enthusiastic individual.  She is a recent graduate of Albany State University and has her own blog titled, Dainty Hanima.  Step into her world!  

Table For One

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and this is a day where we spend time with our significant others, friends, and family members.If everyone is all booked up please dont get sad,upset or dissapointed.That just means you can use this as a chance to treat yourself to dinner,amovie or even a spa day. It is totally ok to pamper yourself especially if you haven't done it in a while.It's great for someone else to spoil you but there is nothing like self love. Who else to treat you better than the person whom you stare at in the mirror everyday which is yourself. You are beautiful and there's someone out there just waiting to cross your path.  

Weekly Inspiration: Reality

When I think about reality I think about what circumstances you had to surpass to get here today. It wasn't easy but you managed to muster up enough courage to see yourself succeed no matter what it took. Hard work pays off and you are eager to earn the fruit of your labor.Everyone may not understand but you are destined for greatness . You may not have everything you want but you most certainly have everything you need to get to the next level. You are so blessed to see what lies ahead.Your next step is to be confident and take a leap on faith for those things you are trying to accomplish which is an understatement of what you are capable of doing.You are beautiful, smart, talented and taking the world by storm with an amazing and unforgettable personality that is waiting to be heard.Just remember you were not just born to blossom in your own right but to succeed and break the mold everywhere.   Aminah Farley is a creative and enthusiastic individual.She is a recent graduate of Albany State University and has her own blog titled, Dainty Hanima. Step into her world !

With No Make Up On

Did you know that you are beautiful beyond measure? There is no one else is in the world exactly like you. When it comes to self-beautification, what are the things that you hold dear to your heart?

Stay Focused

The year of 2015 has started but I want you to know we will all make several detours or wrong turns but no matter what stay focused. It may get hard because you may be a full time mom, working student, going to school, and building an empire but stay the course. Just as a lens that has yet to be adjusted for a clearer image we have to be refocused for that image called life. Unfortunately, our situations can't be Retouched or Photoshopped but we have to live it as if nothing happened.It’s obvious that it is so easy to get off track as situations and circumstances arise, but I’m here to tell you to get up, dust yourself off and keep pressing forward. The world we live in is surrounded by so many opportunities but it is also pricked with many distractions. Which way will you turn? Your future awaits ! Aminah Farley is a creative and enthusiastic individual.She is a recent graduate of Albany State University and has her own blog titled, Dainty Hanima. Step into her world !  

2015: The Year of Possibilities

The year of 2014 is now over and we are now stepping forth into a new and promising year which is 2015. Was 2014 not the year you expected? If not, you have a brand new year ahead of you ladies and take advantage of each opportunity presented. If there are any passions, dreams or visions that you wanted to put forth into the world but you never did. Do it! I am here to tell you that it is never too late to get that degree, travel, own your own business and whatever else you can imagine. Take on the world and remove anyone or anything that is hindering you. I can already see now that you are reading this post you are very eager to do exactly what you have been thinking for the longest. Your dreams can be achieved and nothing is impossible because just a glimpse of what you can imagine can be bigger than the human eye. Sis, it’s a new year so write that vision down and it will soon come into fruition. Aminah Farley is a creative and enthusiastic individual.  She is a recent graduate of Albany State University and has her own blog titled, Dainty Hanima. Step into her world !

Isis Leads “Make It Happen” Vision Board Workshop at Stone Mountain High

I Hear That Girl! creator, Kimberly "Isis" Thomas, visited Stone Mountain High School and their girl's group, "Ladies of Distinction", to teach a vision board workshop.  The girls learned the concept and importance of creating a vision board.  Isis walked the young ladies through the process of preparing a vision board and explained how it should reflect their plan to attain those visions.   [fbalbum url=]

Weekly Inspiration: Queen

Your confidence should lie within as your invisible crown rests solely on your head. The question is, are you really withholding the standard of the “queen” which lies within?

Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference

Tens of thousands of women are expected to pour into Atlanta, Georgia’s Philip’s Arena for an intense gathering of large proportions. Created to empower and educate women all over the world, The Woman, Thou Art Loosed! conference will be a main attraction for the city of Atlanta this October 2nd- 4th.

Black Girls Run Get a Standing O!

“OPRAH’S THE LIFE YOU WANT WEEKEND” HONORS LOCAL ATLANTA WOMEN WITH THE TOYOTA “STANDING O-VATION” AWARD   Black Girls RUN! Founders Ashley Hicks and Toni Carey Recognized for Their Outstanding Commitment to Get Women Running Oprah Winfrey and Amy Purdy (far left) with Ashley Hicks (left) and Toni Carey (right), founders of Black Girls RUN! and recipients of the Toyota “Standing O-Vation”  Photo Courtesy of Harpo Studios, Inc. / George Burns Los Angeles – “Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend,” Oprah Winfrey's eight-city arena tour and transformational weekend, announced the first recipients of The Toyota “Standing O-Vation” award on Saturday, September 6 in Atlanta, the first of eight awards to be presented at tour stops this fall.  The Toyota “Standing O-Vation” recognizes extraordinary people who are making positive changes in their communities and inspiring others to do the same.  Oprah Winfrey and Team Toyota brand ambassador Amy Purdy honored Ashley Hicks and Toni Carey, the founders of Black Girls RUN!, an Atlanta-based national running group created to combat obesity among women in the African-American community.  As the first “Standing O-Vation” recipients, Black Girls RUN! will receive a $25,000 grant from Toyota in support of its continuing efforts to get women running.    Black Girls RUN! was formed by Carey and Hicks to increase the number of African-American women who run, improving their fitness, quality of life, and ultimately decreasing the number of African-American women who are overweight. What began with a blog and two women in Atlanta has grown into a network of more than seventy groups and hundreds of thousands of members across the nation. For more information, visit   "We are still in shock at what happened tonight and cannot believe we were chosen to receive this once-in-a-lifetime honor,” said Hicks.  "Eighty percent of African-American women suffer from obesity, and this group was a way to get women moving. This honor gives us the opportunity to take Black Girls RUN! to the next level, allowing us to serve our community even further," added Carey.     The driving force behind The Toyota “Standing O-Vation” stems from the automaker’s commitment to fostering women’s interests. While reflecting the kind of stories that define the brand, The Toyota “Standing O-Vation” is an opportunity to celebrate remarkable women who are not only making the world a better place, but also motivating others to spark their own journey of personal change.   "Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend" will include additional presentations of Toyota’s “Standing O-Vation” awards during the following tour stops:   Sept. 12-13      Auburn Hills, Michigan                The Palace of Auburn Hills Sept. 19-20      Washington D.C.             Verizon Center Sept. 26-27      Newark, New Jersey       Prudential Center Oct. 17-18        Houston, Texas                 Toyota Center Oct. 24-25        Miami, Florida                    American Airlines Arena Nov. 7-8           Seattle, Washington        KeyArena at Seattle Center Nov. 14-15       San Jose, California        SAP Center at San Jose

Love Movement Atlanta July “Senior Appreciation Concert”

This month's Love Movement event is focused on showing love and appreciation for our Seniors at the Sunrise Senior Living Homes.  We will be hosting a concert for their entertainment including live performances from some of Atlanta's best gospel artists such as:  L'Nay, Chris Brunson & Anointed, and Patrick Parker!  There will also be room for plenty of laughter with comedienne, Lady Q!  If you're interested in volunteering to celebrate with us, you can contact us below or by emailing!!

New Year Resolution: A Good Steward

It's a new year and we are all preparing goals for this year.  In doing so, we have to also be reminded of the goals we set last year.  Did we achieve those things?  If so, be reminded of how you achieved them.  If not, let's figure out why not and add it to this year's list.  One thing I noticed during an evaluation of my goal list is that if we are faithful stewards over the things we currently have/possess, we will be greater stewards over the things we wish to achieve. For example, let's say your list includes the following:  fulfilling employment, new car, purchase a home, and marriage/better relationship.  The first thing you should do is begin to be a faithful steward of what you currently possess. Employment:  Are you an obedient employee?  Do you have exceptional work ethic?  Do you complain or appreciate your job? New Car:  Is your current vehicle clean?  Do you maintain it as you should?  Are you appreciative to have a mode of transportation? Home:  How do you keep your apartment?  If you live with someone else, are you a good roommate, respectful of another's space?  Do you pay your rent on time?  Are you diligent to creating a "home" atmosphere where you are?  Do you appreciate the fact that you have a roof over your head? Relationship:  How do you treat others?  Do you love on your family, friends, strangers?  Do you show kindness to everyone?  If you didn't know you, would you want to get to know you?  How is your relationship with God who loves you without reciprocation?  Do you talk with him and build a relationship of understanding? By simply becoming faithful stewards over what we currently possess, we open ourselves up to an appreciation that welcomes increase and abundance.  You will then see how easy it is to achieve those goals as they have already been laid out for us.  We have to get over our selfishness in order to see it's been there all along.  Once we do this, we begin to feel accomplished and that confidence prompts us to attempt more without fear of failure. Appreciation does so much for us.  It gives you the very peace and comfort that you so desperately pray for.  Let's make 2014 a year of appreciation, not only of material things, but of others and our Father in Heaven that blesses us tremendously.  His charity is unceasing and most of all we should want to be good stewards of His love.  So this year, 2014, let's resolve to be "Good Stewards" over all God has blessed us with.

“Why Can’t I?” Inspiration from Bey

During a Director's Cut look at Beyoncé's new album, lucky fans were able to ask questions to King Bey via Skype!  She offered inspirational tidbits, motivational comments, and a revealing look at who she is as an artist, Mother, and Woman!  Watching this, really motivated me, I hope it does the same for you!!     // Post by Beyoncé.

It’s OK to say “No!”

You don't have to be the "Side Chick"! Ok, here are the the US, there are 1381 men for every 1434 women.  In the black community that ratio is 1 black man for every 8 black women.  That's right, we outnumber men.  However, we can't let that truth influence our decisions or be the foundation of our decisions when it comes to choosing a mate.  We should still be mindful of the mate we're choosing.  I see women, so often, relaxing their standards, sacrificing morals and other ideals because they feel that the pickings are slim.  And because of this, I see women afraid to say no to men who are obviously not the right ones for them, and they feel they just have to make due with the hand they were dealt. Making sacrifices is ok when it comes to buying generic brand foods and medicines, but with a lifelong commitment?  Or someone you're interested in spending an abundance of time with?  Not a good idea.  The reason I say this is because I've seen so many women broken and hurt because they chose a man that didn't have the most important character traits, beliefs or morals that she really desired.  However, because the woman was afraid of being alone, she sacrificed, took a chance and now it's come to bite her in the butt!  Your happiness is NON- NEGOTIABLE!  As sad as it is and as crazy as it sounds, many women are afraid of being alone, so they settle for anything to fill the void. Ladies, it's OK to say NO!  It's ok to turn some things down.  It's ok to just let him be a friend or an associate.  It's ok if there is nothing more to you guys' relationship.  It OK!  Every man does not have to be counted as a potential mate!  In order to grasp the concept, you have to be OK with YOURSELF.  Once you recognize that a mate should compliment your life...not ADD to it; you'll be able to say NO to men that do not.'ll be OK with it! Now get this, I am not giving you a green light for selfish, external standards!  I'm talking about the components that really matter in a relationship...character, belief, morals.  Don't fledge or compromise on those things!  Don't succumb to the statistics and treat your decision like a game of dice.  I believe that if you can learn to say NO to Mr. Wrong now, you'll be prepared to say YES to Mr. Right!   written by:  Kimberly "Isis" Thomas   -- From "I Hear That Girl!:  Life Lessons for Every Sister"     available online Fall 2013  

Unnecessary Carpet Burns??

"PRAYER and FAITH: Both are invisible but they make impossible things possible!" Written by:  Zakkiyah Shahid Whether big or small, everyone has a request for God.  We either want Him to answer a prayer, pay a bill, make a way...anything.  So, when we make our requests, we go to Him and pray, pray, PRAY!  But, wait, while spending all of that time on your knees, are you getting carpet burns for no reason??? Do you really believe that what you are praying to God for will truly come to pass? In the book of Acts chapter 12, Peter has been arrested and placed in prison by King Herod.  "So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him" Acts 12:5 (NIV).  While in prison, an angel of the Lord came and helped Peter escape from the prison.  When he had escaped, Peter "went to the house of Mary the mother of John, also called Mark, where many people had gathered and were praying" Acts 12:12 (NIV).  Now, get this...when Peter knocked at the door, the little girl that answered ran to tell those who were praying for him.  "You're out of your mind," they told her.  When she kept insisting that it was so, they said, "It must be his angel." But Peter kept on knocking, and when they opened the door and saw him, they were astonished" Acts 12:15-16 (NIV).The very people who were so earnestly praying for Peter, did not even believe God's answer to their prayer!  The Bible says they were astonished!  So, what was the issue?  Were they praying without faith?  Were they praying in disbelief?  What about you?  Do you pray in faith, or are you on your knees praying unceasingly with doubt?"God’s answers to our prayers are sometimes powerful and dramatic, and sometimes so very unexpected, calling into question the reality of faith. It is so easy to fall into the routine of prayer and mouth words that we hardly know what we are saying. There is nothing too hard for the Lord.  Nothing!   Chains and bars cannot prevent God from accomplishing His purpose. If He has a mind to do something, it will be done! That is the most powerful thing in all the world." But God always works far above all that we could ever ask or think.  So, when you pray, pray with FAITH.  And when God answers your prayers, don't be astonished, but thankful! Stay Beautiful and I love you all! :-) Read more posts on the You Are Beautiful! blog page here.