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Beach Side Birthday With The Bestie & Bendiware

A month ago, I traveled with my best friend to Mexico to help her celebrate her 40th birthday.  What's better than an international beach getaway?  Drinks!  And lots of it! This was my first trip to Mexico and I had such an amazing time.  I swear, I think I'm Blaxican.  The Mexican culture just feels like home for me.  You know, how people say when you visit Africa, you feel at home?  Well, that's how I felt in Mexico.  I felt the same in Puerto Rico too... so maybe I'm just a Black Latina.  I need to dig deep into my ancestry to see if there are any connections there.  Anywho...let me get back on topic, lol. We visited Costa Maya and Cozumel.  My bestie and I checked out the Mayan Ruins and did our trinket shopping.  However, our entire goal for the trip was to get some real rest and relaxation on the beach!  While in Cozumel, we enjoyed an all inclusive beach, so the drinks were flowing. My bestie and I came prepared to take full advantage of the drinks with our travel cups from Bendiware.  These super portable cups are made of silicon and they bend and fit ANYWHERE.  We were able to stuff them in our crossbody purses and popped them out at a moments notice.  I'm kinda OCD when it comes to cutlery and drinkware at restaurants, especially tourist spots.  You never know how clean the stuff is, ya know? With Bendiware, we had our own drinkware for the duration of our trip.  We were on a 5 day cruise, so you know it got its true wear.  Instead of using the cups on board, we used our Bendiware.  We saw people looking like, "Did they just pull that cup out of their pants pocket?"  Lol.  Decked out in my swimwear for 90% of the trip, I could carry my cup with me everywhere.  You can purchase your own Bendiware drinkware here:  

Movie Review: Transformers “The Last Knight”


Summer is here and a few of my favorite summers things are music festivals, beaches, and movies!  Coming from the class of '79, I am a true Transformers fan.   I was excited to see the screening of Transformers "The Last Knight". It was hosted by Dwight Howard; my ex, lol.  But he really is a handsome specimen isn't he?  In this excerpt of Transformers, humans and Transformers are at war,  and Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth.   Until this film I have always been an Optimus Prime girl.  However, this installment of the film, has made me the ultimate Bumblebee fan.  Bumblebee's loyalty and friendship shines most above all the action this film brings. One of the morals I stand on is that of loyalty, and Bumblebee exemplifies that.  It is his undying friendship that is able to bring Prime back from the grips of evil. On top of all this, we learn just how bad ass Bumblebee really is and he easily holds his own with Optimus Prime.  I love how he is always there, giving his silent support for those he loves.  When a Nemesis to Prime rears his head, Bumblebee's confusion is all too real.  His loyalty to Prime and to Cade Yeager had him frozen for what his next move should be.  Yet, right was his path and he did what he had to do to save his friend. There is so much action in this film and I am here for it!  I've heard rumors of a Bumblebee spin off from this film, and if so I am so excited to know more about Bumblebee!  He deserves to shine.  He makes me want to buy a Camaro because I feel it'd be that loyal to me and never let me down, lol.  Be sure to take the family out to see this one, although I wouldn't recommend kids under the age of 16 due to the language.    It is surely a summer blockbuster hit!

Sleep, Eats, and Business at Baymont Inn & Suites

Business at Baymont

Summer 2017 has been absolutely amazing already for my business!  I recently celebrated my best friend's birthday in Mexico and since my return, I've hit the pavement speaking at women's events.  Of course, I love traveling and empowering women as I go.  This past weekend, I was asked to speak at an event in Augusta, Georgia. The event was held the day before Father's Day, so I knew I'd have to make a weekend of it to visit with my Father that Sunday.  I stayed at the Baymont Inn & Suites on Riverwatch Parkway for the weekend and it truly was a great choice.  I am very familiar with this area, yet I was unaware of this hotel tucked away from the bustle of Washington Road.  It's close to everything while still giving you the privacy and quiet you need to truly relax.  It only took me 9 minutes to get to my event in the downtown area of Broad Street. At check-in, the staff was super kind and helpful.  Upon entering, I noticed the cleanliness of the establishment.  It smelled super fresh!  That is always a thumbs up for me, lol.  I noticed a lot of families checking in with kids anxious to jump in the pool.  When I got to my room, I was again pleasantly surprised at the space of my room.  I was given a king suite for the weekend and it was HUGE!  It included an almost full kitchen, two bathrooms, living room with sleeper sofa, and working area.  There was also tons of comfortable seating in the suite.  Of course my mind was rolling with ideas of "Girls Night" events that would be perfect for that space! What I enjoyed most during my stay was the bed!  Yes!  The bed was everything.  You have no idea how bad your own bed is until you lie down in a bed like this.  Friday evening, I slept so soundly and comfortably that I did not want to leave the bed Saturday morning for breakfast.  I was able to pull myself out just before the end of breakfast.  Good thing too, because the waffles were delicious.  When I returned to my room I climbed back in bed and enjoyed cartoons and Martin until a couple hours before my event.  I really felt rejuvenated because my sleep was excellent!  I wonder why hotel beds are so awesome? If you're ever in the Augusta area for business or pleasure, I recommend trying the Baymont Inn & Suites on Riverwatch.  As I said, it is just steps away from busy traffic of Washington road, but you can get anywhere you need to in just minutes!  That is big when you want to relax or focus.  I was able to prepare for my speech in peace while getting the necessary relaxation to deliver a powerful and empowering talk to the women at the tea.  It's a hidden gem in Augusta, and I plan on visiting there again.  Make sure you tell them I Hear That Girl!

Road Trippin’ in the New 2016 Kia Sedona

I've been really busy since February with the STRONGER Empowerment Tour.  We've been hitting the road every week to various college campuses in SC, GA, NC, and TN.  It's been an enjoyable tour and I hate to see it come to an end.  Now that spring has sprung, we welcome the road trips with me and the staff. My friends at Drive Shop sent over the 2016 Kia Sedona for our tour stop at College of Charleston.  The Kia Sedona is a surprisingly sophisticated mini-van.  Now, I'm a sports car kinda girl, with no kids, so I definitely would have never considered a mini-van.  It was perfect timing though, as I thought this would be perfect for my staff and I on the trip. The 2016 Kia Sedona is an impressive vehicle.  We need lots of space to load our staging and luggage.  There was ample room available in this ride even without the collapsible rear seats.  Once we put them down, there was TONS of room. And did I mention the reclining passenger seats?  LOVED THEM!  Let me tell you why:  I recently suffered a bilateral pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs).  Since my release from the hospital, my doctor has advised me to avoid sitting for long periods of time in a way that can constrict the veins.  Usually on a road trip any longer than 2 hours, I would have to stop periodically and walk around at a gas station or restaurant for at least 5 minutes.  Having the ability to recline fully made me feel much safer about our 5 hour drive to Charleston, plus we made less stops. I was extremely comfortable the entire trip and I even had a DVD player with wireless headsets ready for viewing.  With multiple charging outlets and USB ports, we dubbed the Kia Sedona our "Office On Wheels".  It allowed the entire team to stay connected with our various cellphones, iPads, and laptops. There are just so many awesome tricks in this minivan, which makes it perfect for vacation season.  There's even a cooler in the glove compartment!!  Wicked!  Lol!  The best thing about it, it drives like a sedan.  I was able to drive and maneuver this vehicle without worry.  And the seating adjustments made it easy for my 5 foot 1 frame to be confident while driving. There's so much to like about this ride.  I was totally surprised with how I'd fall in love with it.  My manager has a family of 5 and he is definitely considering purchasing this vehicle.  Even single people find this ride amazing as well.  My partner, Alton, stated that this was at the top of his list for travel. If you're seeking comfortability for upcoming roadtrips and vacations, I promise you won't go wrong with the 2016 Kia Sedona!

Southern Charm Comes Naturally!

You've heard the saying, "Smiling faces, beautiful places," right?  If not, this is the state slogan for my home state, South Carolina.  I currently reside in Atlanta, GA, and southern hospitality can be found here as well.  There is just something about Carolinians though.  Many of my friends here in Atlanta have often said the people they know from South Carolina, are some of the coolest people they know.  We call it "southern charm".  Heck, most all southerners have it.  It's especially sweet in the details. I recently visited the College of Charleston in historic Charleston, SC, as a part of our STRONGER Empowerment Tour.  The Spring Hill Suites in North Charleston was our Accommodations Sponsor for the event.  General Manager, Radu, was super helpful and made sure everything flowed smoothly.  When we arrived, check-in was super quick and easy.  Walking into my king suite. I was pleasantly satisfied.  It was an awesome space with modern amenities and a taste of chic. There was space for me to work remotely, which really came in handy when it came to downloading images and video after the event, following up on emails, and planning for the next event.  Rest came easy in the luxurious bed (what is the hotel secret to such great beds?).  It was nice having a gorgeous suite to myself because traveling with a team lately, we've been sharing rooms, so this was a welcome retreat. On the wall, there was a huge mural that simply stated, "You are here."  For me, that sentence meant that this was not a dream.  It meant, are living your purpose. The staff were extremely friendly, which is always a plus when traveling on tour.  I have enough things to stress over when I visit different cities, and having a friendly employee greeting when I arrive definitely puts a smile on your face.  The Stronger Tour has been an amazing vehicle for me to empower women across the Southeast.  Following the event and a bite to eat with the organizers, we retreated back to our rooms to rest up and hit the road the next day.  The sense of accomplishment and appreciation for the moment overcame me when the elevator doors opened.  On the wall, there was a huge mural that simply stated, "You are here."  For me, that sentence meant that this was not a dream.  It meant, are living your purpose.  You are on the right path.  You're here today and tomorrow you will take you to even more.  I had to stop and get a photo, because those words meant so much to me. It's funny how the little things can mean so much.  A well placed mural, a smile and a thank you at the door.  I didn't want to leave when the sun greeted me the following morning.  My stay rejuvenated me and reminded me to reflect on where I am and where I'm going.  Charleston is a beautiful city and if you're planning a getaway either for business or recreation, let

Room to Roam in the Mazda CX-5

I like road trips.  There are always some hilarious stories that come from a long ride with my co-host, Alton, and I.  With the hustle and bustle of living in the city, you don't always feel you have the time to relax and enjoy life.  That's why I love road trips.  The open road gives you an opportunity to flex your mind muscles, release the stresses from the daily grind, meditate, and plan.  Lucky for me, as a blogger and author, I'm usually in the streets traveling here and there on tour, covering events, supporting my team and so on. Before our trip to Houston, the Mazda CX-5 arrived and while I was limited on the time I had to enjoy it, we made sure to revel in it!  My first jaunt was a quick errand and stop at the local burger joint.  Our team was working in overdrive with only 4 days until our Houston event, making cooking illogical, lol.  I enjoyed my first spin in the CX-5.  It felt like luxury on the interior but drove like the sporty Mazda 6.  If you missed my review on that beauty, check it out here:  Mazda 6 Review. The space in the cabin of the CX-5 is to me it's strength.  I can definitely see how my team could take a much more enjoyable road trip in one of these babies.  There's plenty of legroom in the rear which would give my crew room to roam during our tour stops.  The technology in the vehicle was everything I had come to love in the Mazda 6.  Which leads me to believe the CX-5 would make a great companion vehicle for the Mazda 6 for any family.  They are the perfect one-two punch.  My co-host took the CX-5 out for a spin the comedy club and he fell in love.  He loved the way it drove, but also stated that it was a perfect fit for a man of his stature (he's roughly 6 feet tall). All in all, I enjoyed the time I had with the CX-5 and wish I had more.  It gave me the rush of a sports car that I felt in the Mazda 6, but the room and space you sometimes need for long trips with a group of your pals.  I'd suggest this vehicle to anyone single or family because it just works.  You can't lose with it.  

Foodie Review: Giant Ribeye at Smokey Bones!

There is nothing like a juicy steak.  Medium rare, seasoned to perfection, with various side items...that's heaven to me.  Recently, I was given the opportunity to dine at Smokey Bones, a barbecue restaurant, and try out their latest offering, the Giant Ribeye special.  I brought my radio show co-host along with me to help me tackle this 35 ounce ribeye. I frequent Smokey Bones often, so I'm aware of their delicious offerings.  I usually order the garlic parmesan chicken fingers with a side of fried pickles (they are heavenly).  My co-host loves their smoked wings.  So, when I was told about this latest special, I was sure it would be a filing experience.  Let me break down to you what comes in the Giant Ribeye special: a 35 ounce ribeye cooked the way you like it (feeds 2-3) two salads two sides two drinks a bag of their homemade doughnuts   The great thing about this special is you can feed 2-3 people for only $60!  When our rib-eye came out, we didn't know where to start!  I felt like a cave woman diving into that huge piece of medium-well beef!  It was beyond tender, moist, and no need to use any steak sauce.  Each morsel melts in your mouth and the seasoning is great.  Alicia, our chef, stopped by our table to introduce herself and I just had to tell her what an amazing job she did on the steak.  Our sides were delicious as well (we went with broccoli and stuffed baked potatoes).  We were so full, I really felt like a glutton and we didn't even make a real dent in the meal! When the doughnuts came out, they smelled so heavenly, all I could do was pinch a bit off to savor the warm fluffy goodness.  Our to-go bag was huge and we ended up with enough food to feed us both one more time. That's what I call great left overs!  If you are considering a place to dine for the upcoming Valentine's Day or just want a great weekend meal to give wifey a break; Smokey Bones is a logical choice.  This Giant Ribeye special delivers on taste and is sure to bring the family to the table without breaking the bank.  This is a limited time offer at select Smokey Bones locations, so take advantage of it NOW!  If you visit the Peachtree City location in Georgia, be sure to tell them I sent ya! For more information and menu visit:

Hotel Indigo Brooklyn Delivers Urban Contemporary Style in NY

This weekend, I was in New York for the STRONGER Women's Empowerment Panel at Long Island University!  This wasn't my first trip to NY, but I was looking forward to empowering young women in the multi-cultural city.  I booked my stay at Hotel Indigo in Brooklyn, a cute boutique hotel that was walking distance from the hotel.  How great is that?!  If you're ever staying in New York, I suggest you walk as much as possible.  Driving around is not only expensive, but the time it takes to get to and me, you want to walk to it.  Maybe it's a southern thing, I'm not used to that much walking or waiting...we drive to everything, lol. Any who, when I checked in, immediately I was impressed with the hotel.  It was technologically impressive, with the huge, wall screen showing pictures of customers at all of their locations nationally and internationally.  Then I realized that I could snap a picture of myself and add to the screen as well as share it on FB and other social media.  How cool is that?!       The rooms were elegant and very modern.  I felt like I was living in Brooklyn, with the hardwood floors in this contemporary space.  The ceiling was wallpapered with gorgeous beads and diamonds!  Yes, a girls dream.  The rooms aren't super huge, but just enough for me and my guest.  I had a double queen for the night and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  I mean, when you're in New York, are you actually going to stay in anyway?  We hit the town, with some of my girls in tow.     For many that know me, I'm a cancer, and I love the water.  During this trip, I was suffering from really bad migraines and backaches.  It seemed like hot showers were the only thing bringing relief, so to step into the room and see this glorious shower...ya girl was in heaven!   All in all, I enjoyed my stay at the Hotel Indigo Brooklyn.  I look forward to staying at their other locations.  So if you're traveling and are considering an affordable place to stay and don't won't to draw back on the luxury, I suggest this boutique hotel!    

Zoes Kitchen Foodie Review

I was recently given an opportunity to try out the fresh taste of Zoes Kitchen.  I was in Augusta, GA during the Thanksgiving break when I received the invite. Honestly, I had never heard of this restaurant.  My bestie told me that there was a Zoes located not even 5 minutes from her home.  This intrigued me because Augusta, well that's my old stomping grounds, and for me not to be aware of certain restaurants in the vicinity of my best friend's home...well...I just felt some type of way about it. Any-who, a week later, I found myself at Zoes Kitchen trying to decide on what I wanted to experience first.  Zoe's Kitchen is fresh, Mediterranean fare.  So if you are tired of heavy food options, this is the place to go to get a "reset" of sorts to your palate.  I decided to try the chicken salad sandwich and boy am I happy I did.  I'm a big fan of chicken salad, however, there are only 2 places in which I would purchase it from.  And Zoe's is one of those restaurants.  What blew me away was the fact that this sandwich was lightly made, not heavy on the mayo (like I usually take it), and it still had tons of flavor.  I paired my sandwich with the potato salad which, once again, was super light and fresh tasting. Before leaving the restaurant, I decided to get some hummus to go.  I love hummus.  If you're not familiar with this appetizer, you should get familiar, and quick.  It makes for a great snack.  It's a basically a chick-pea dip that goes great with veggies or crackers.  I picked up the Basil Pesto Hummus.  Let me just say...this was a delicious party in my mouth.  Packed with flavor, it delivers on fresh taste for sure!  I'll definitely be adding this restaurant as my go-to for a flavor reboot! And how about this?!  I haven't forgotten about you!  Zoe's Kitchen is giving my readers and followers a chance to received free Hummus & Pita!  The instructions on how to redeem are below: Instructions to redeem Free Hummus & Pita: 1. Download the Zoës Kitchen app 2. Go to the menu at the top and select “GOODIES” 3. Select “MY GOODIES” 4. Select “PROMO CODE” 5. Enter “goodness” (all lower case) and press “ENTER” 6. You will have 14 days to redeem this offer from the day you enter “goodness” into the app. December 31st is the last day to enter the code into the app.

RACE- The Jessie Owens Story

The movie”RACE”, focused on the career of Jesse Owens who penetrated the sport of track and field and left his mark. It was overall a good movie. It had the same feel as the movie “42” (2013) which centered on the Jackie Robinson biography. Coincidently, both Jesse and Jackie both reigned in their specific sport in the same era. Furthermore, Jackie’s brother, Matthew MacKenzie “Mack” Robinson participated in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin and won a silver medal, while Jesse participated in the Olympics the same year winning four gold medals! Makes you wonder if they both met each other. Anyway, most of the movie was centered on Jesse participating in the 1936 Summer Olympics. However, the film showed the struggle of being the best while African American at the time. We all know that segregation was alive and well at that time. But the movie captures much of what Jesse had to go through as an African American athlete who was both loved and hated at the same time. They loved him because of was arguably the fastest man in the world, however, they gave him difficulty because the color of his skin. Based on the movie, you can tell Jesse and his coach at Ohio State University had a close relationship. The relationship seems to be built off the coaches missed opportunity at participating in the Olympic himself, but sees an opportunity to help Jesse make his mark on the world in the 1936 Olympics. If you know anything about history, you’ll realize that this was the time where Hitler was rounding up Jews and shipping them off into concentration camps along with the pre-season of WWII. This part of history was inevitable and could not be left out of the film. Why? Well the 1936 Summer Olympics was held in Berlin! That’s right, in the midst of all the hell breaking out in the world and Germany. In fact, American politicians and businessmen had to pull major strings so Jews and Blacks could participate in the Olympics without any harm. So you already know that when Jesse was leaving all those white Germans in the dust on the track, those Nazi politicians were not happy. It was upsetting to see a “Negro” outrun and jump the supposed “superior race” at the time. Matter of fact, while in Berlin, Jesse bonded with a German who thought Germany’s racial problems were better than America’s. Jesse expressed that their problems were no different than what was happening to blacks back home. But I don’t want to spoil the whole film for you! However, the end of the movie catches a very important and sad fact. Though Jesse thought such achievements would help with acceptance of blacks, when he returned home, he realized that even as the “Great Jesses Owens” who represented the USA outstandingly in Berlin, they still would not recognize his unmatchable achievements (at the time) because of his skin color. Something to take away from the movie is Jesse’s ability to

Taking Comfort In Me…and U By Kotex Liners!

This weekend, I will be speaking to a group of women about the importance of accepting themselves.  I am one of the three keynote speakers for the I Am Enough Empowerment Brunch.  I'll be telling the ladies all about my book, I Hear That Girl:  Life Advice For Every Sista, in which I discuss moments from my life where I've been totally uncomfortable. One particular incident happened during my teenage years when like many other young girls, I was juggling with accepting my own beauty.  The birthmark on my face became something I'd wish away during my freshman year of high school until a boy told me he only sees "Kim" when he looked at me. Fast forward 2o years and a divorce, and you will find a woman who still has her moments of being uncomfortable.  I've learned to love my thunderous laughter, my kinky hair, my round belly, my birthmark, and my weird fascination with spelling.  Acceptance of who I am and WHY I am, helps me appreciate myself.  I now take comfort in all the quirks that make me... me!   I also avoid uncomfortable feminine moments with the U by Kotex liners.  Let's be real ladies...we struggle with a lot of changes that can cause us to feel uncomfortable, but these thin liners can be worn everyday and they give you that extra level of comfort and confidence.  You know, like your favorite pair of granny panties (yes...we all have a pair)!  I actually forgot I was wearing them.  I did notice, however, the subtle feeling of euphoria that comes with feeling protected and clean.   Not to leave out my friends, you can try the U by Kotex liners for free!  We love free don't we?  Free samples are available for redemption on! EACH LINER SAMPLE PACK INCLUDES: 2 U by Kotex Curves® Liners 2 U by Kotex® Lightdays® Liners But wait...there's MORE! Each month, one lucky winner will receive a $200 Urban Outfitters gift card, a Go Pro Hero 3 white camera, a $100 Sephora gift card and U by Kotex products. To enter the #BringComfyBack Contest, visit and upload your creative pic or gif showcasing your best uncomfy face.  Can you beat mine? At the end of the contest, the most creative selfie will be chosen and the winner will receive a trip to L.A. with a girlfriend, an exclusive U by Kotex photo shoot to be their new social star and $2,000 spending cash!  Cha-ching!

Foodie Review: Cheeseburger Bobby’s

Thursday evening I went to the Fantastic 4 screening in Brookhaven.  I had the opportunity to catch the cast on the red carpet and even a special pic of Ludacris and the cast as well.  I'm a huge Marvel fan so I was really excited to be a part of the red carpet festivities. After the movie wrapped up, I was starving and decided to check out Cheeseburger Bobby's in Buckhead.  It's a Burger Restaurant that allows you to BYOB or build your own burger.  They offer a plethora of condiments, toppings, seasonings, and all types of trimmings for you to enjoy the burger of your dreams.  I decided on the Bacon Cheeseburger with American cheese combo and paired it with a Java Mocha Custard Shake. My burger came out in perfect timing, you know...quick enough to keep me from dying of starvation and long enough to know my burger wasn't a sitting under a warmer.  I chose to season my fries with ranch seasoning and they give you a TON of fries.  The seasoning choices are really good too, with offerings of Salt & Vinegar to BBQ to Lemon Pepper.  I then made my way over to the trimmings station where I loaded up on pickles, lettuce, and ranch dip! The burger itself was delicious cooked to perfection and the fries were the cherry on top.  I alternated sips between my chilly Java Mocha shake and my ice cold Dr. Pepper after each bite.  I was truly enjoying this meal!  That's when it hit me, something as simple as a good cheeseburger can bring you joy when done right.  It just reminded me that the little things in life can actually add so much value to our mundane quest for abundance.  In a future post, I'll list some of the "little things" that bring me much joy.  As for Cheeseburger Bobby's, it has officially been added to that list!!  

Terminator Genisys is an Action Packed Must-See!

Monday night, I attended a screening of Terminator Genisys.  I've seen all the other movies in the Terminator series, and I knew that if they undertook this film, they'd have to go above and beyond.  I was aware that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the film and that made me worry.  I really wondered, "how do they plan to tie in the much older Schwarzenegger into a futuristic story line?"  I didn't want it to be corny and I didn't want to see the same story line play over and over again.  I wanted something new, after all, I grew up on Terminator (telling my age). When we walked into the theater we received our 3D glasses and it began.  From the very start of the film, you are instantly pulled into a new version of the same story line with a twist that continues to unfold throughout the entire film.  The action is dead on and not over-bearing.  Surprisingly,  Arnold Schwarzenegger was great in this movie!!   didn't know how they'd make it work but they absolutely did!  Utilizing both past and present Arnold was super cool!!  Everyone in the theater seemed to be glued to the screen, it was pretty quiet as we followed the story along to the end.  It truly was a treat for those like myself who grew up to Terminator and quoted "I'll Be Back" over and over again to our friends as well as to newcomers to the Terminator series.     The film opens in theaters today and I encourage you to enjoy this film with your family during the holiday weekend.  It's the perfect family fun film to follow or proceed any backyard barbecue.  Check out the trailer below and be sure to let me know how much you enjoyed it. Comment below.  Will you be seeing Terminator Genisys this weekend?

Foodie Review- Weeyum’s Cheesesteak in Atlanta, GA

If you've been following my blog, then you'd be familiar with my hunt for the best cheesesteak in Atlanta.  Last week was ok, but not what I'm looking for.  I'm looking for the most delicious bite of melty, gooey, cheesy steak and onions collaboration that makes you want to return the very next day!  This weekend, the hunt brought me to Stone Mountain to try out Weeyum's cheese steaks.  I did a search for the best places to find cheesesteaks in Atlanta.  Urbanspoon recommended Weeyum's, with high ratings.  I didn't have to travel far to get to the location, it's located right on main street.  I was thinking to myself, that if this is good, it is going to be really bad for my waistline, LOL!   The location is very unassuming.  It's a teeny establishment in a galley style.  There's only enough room to order and wait and let me tell you it was packed like folks waiting at the DMV!   It definitely didn't have any decor to make you want to stick around long, so I get it.  Walking in the aged door, the scent of steak and fixings hit me and I was now even more excited to try one.  I ordered a basic cheesesteak.  Theirs come with mayo and onions standard.  I added chopped pickles, I'm such a pickle person.  :)   It took less than 20 minutes for my order to be completed, and when I got it....let's just say there were those tell-tell signs that it was going to be delicious, as there were grease stains on the bag honey!  I hurried back home to partake in my meal and on the first bite...yassss!!!  Weeyum's gets a 4 out of 5 and a big "Yasss!!" Urbanspoon reviewers, you were right about this spot.  It wasn't everything to me, but it came close.  I felt it wasn't seasoned well, and the meat wasn't as tender as I'd like.  Small issues, that a little salt and pepper could fix.  So, the hunt continues next week!  Have you ever tried Weeyum's?  What was your opinion of it?

A Fresh Point of View with Renuzit Pearls Scents

As a blogger, media personality, author, speaker, and entrepreneur, I spend most of my day tied to my desk.  To gain more accessibility, the office space is in the corner of my bedroom.  Looking at the same four walls day after day can cause a bit of writer's block.  My creativity began to stifle and I urgently began seeking out ways to get a fresh take on my thoughts.  I took to Instagram and found some super cute office spaces.  My best friend, Keshia and I began discussing small changes I could implement to my office space that would help me see things in a new perspective. Organization is a must in any working environment, but what I've found is that bright colors spur more productivity.  I've started working on my office space by framing quotes and scriptures that speak to me when I'm in a moment of frustration or need a bit of clarity. My good friends at Purex, sent me a sample of the Renuzit Scented Pearls.  I placed the scented jar on my desk and the Summer Rain scent filled my space almost immediately!  After 20 days, the scent is still a fresh reminder each time I sit at my desk to begin working.  Even a small change like this can open up the senses and get you back into work mode.  I still have a ways to go on my work space, but if you've come to a brick wall in productivity, maybe it's time for you to change it up to help you get a fresh point of view!

Product Review: Dial Coconut Water Mango Body Wash

I had the opportunity to try out Dial's new Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Body Wash.  I have sensitive skin so it's definitely a plus to find a product that isn't heavy in added fragrances and all the extras.  The mango scent is just enough to feel and smell fresh and delightful!  Dial's Coconut Water line promotes healthy skin and keeps it simple.   The lather was AMAZING and it wasn't heavy at all.  No soapy residue.  It literally felt like water bubbles that rinsed off the skin easily.  Did I mention that it is a MOISTURIZING body wash?  It hydrates the skin so you don't have that "squeaky" clean feel.  Your skin is soft and truly, truly clean.  Check out my video review below and if you share this article and use #GetNoticed in your repost; you'll be entered for a chance to win your very own bottle of Dial's Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Body Wash!   "The Dial brand provided me with a sample of Dial Coconut Water Refreshing Mango body wash in exchange for a product review.  However, all the opinions expressed here are my own."