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A Candid Conversation with a Fashionista on the Rise: Cerah Ceesay

Introduce yourself and tell us about Ceesay Banjul: 
My name is Cerah.  I was born in the UK, and I’m from West Africa the Gambia. I moved to the United States at a very young age and I’ve been living in Atlanta, Georgia ever since. I’ve always had an appreciation for beautiful things, which led me towards my  love for fashion. Years ago, I read an article about Coco Chanel and the things in life that inspired and motivated her. I in return started looking for things that inspired and motivated me. This led to the birth of what is now Ceesay Banjul.
I’ve always looked at my first and last name as something unique so I knew I had to incorporate that in my brand. I’ve always felt a sense of appreciation for my roots, so I had to give thanks.  My parents were born and raised in the city of Banjul, so therefore all of my values and work ethics are a product of what the people and the city of Banjul taught them.  Ceesay Banjul is a lifestyle brand that caters to all types of styles and backgrounds. My vision is to not have Ceesay Banjul solely be a clothing store, but to expand into a department store.
What makes the brand different from others in the industry? 
At Ceesay Banjul you will always feel a sense of belonging. Diversity is of great importance to us, so we make sure every piece we pick out from cosmetics, home decor, or fashion is something that will reflect you as an individual. What makes us stand out is the fact that we operate at a high level of integrity and take our time to assure we are giving you quality products.
Tell us about your upcoming launch event in Atlanta? 
Being that I’ve always read magazine and articles, editors and bloggers have always been a reliable source for me to turn to. Therefore it only made sense for me to turn to them to bring additional exposure to my brand. On May 20th I will host my first Bi-annual Blog & Brunch. I will be having a private brunch for the top bloggers and editors in Atlanta. After we have properly welcomed our bloggers and editors and introduced them to Ceesay Banjul, we will then open the event up to the public for a pop-up shop with a special preview of our spring/summer collection.
What is next in 2017 for the brand?
In 2017 we will be expanding and adding a plus size department, relaunching my beauty department as well as working on electronics and small appliances.
How can readers connect with you online or RSVP for the event? 
You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook @CeesayBanjul or check out our website at For the event please RSVP at: If you are a blogger or editor and want to attend please email: