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Where You Should Be Spending Your Money: Erica James Counseling

It’s another glorious Friday! And it’s time for us to highlight more amazing black entrepreneurs! In Where You Should Be Spending Your Money, we showcase the various businesses available in our community that we can support to inspire you to cycle your very important and all-powerful dollar amongst people that look like you and have YOU in mind.  Today, we spotlight a mental health therapist, Erica James Counseling.

IHTG:  Tell us a little about yourself (hometown, family life, etc.).

EJ Counseling
Erica James

I am originally from Greensboro, NC. I attended undergrad at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC where I graduated with a degree in Psychology. Soon after graduating, I moved to Atlanta, GA where I worked with The Marcus Autism Center providing behavior therapy to youth on the Autism Spectrum. I then attended Mercer University and attained a Master’s of Family Therapy. I worked for a couple of years at a core therapy agency. I currently work with a non-profit mental health organization and I have a private therapy practice, Erica James Counseling, LLC. Erica James Counseling, LLC has been open for close to two years. I am also a newlywed, I got married in May of 2017.

IHTG:  What motivated you to start this business?

My husband and another therapy colleague of mine motivated me to start my business. I never thought I would be an entrepreneur, I didn’t think I had the skill set and I also thought that the services I had to offer were not unique. I really enjoy it now.

IHTG:  Tell us about your business (what product or service do you offer, your typical customer, etc.).

My business is a private therapy practice. I provide therapy to adults (individuals and couples). My specialties are women’s mental health, healing past traumas, self-care, anxiety, depression, grief, work-life balance. I have also written an eBook: The SELF CARE Plan: A Step By Step Guide to Shifting Your Experience of Life. I also have a guided journaling program called The Journal Journey, both can be accessed via my website.

IHTG:  How does your business give back to the community?

I give back to the community through various speaking engagements where I bring therapy from the session room the community at large. I enjoy speaking to groups of people to educate them about mental health in hopes of reducing the stigma that still exists.

IHTG:  What advice would you give to someone considering starting a business?

The advice I would give someone who is considering starting a business is to trust your intuition and allow yourself to be flexible and creative. Try not to put too many pressures on yourself and go with the flow of how your business grows. Also, never stop learning, attend as many networking events and talks related to your business as you can. Do not be afraid to ask for help and be receptive to the advice from others.

IHTG:  What is the best advice you’ve received since starting your business?

The best advice that I have received since starting my business was “go for it.” Let go of fear. Love yourself every step of the way.

You can learn more about Erica and her services by visiting her on social media @ejcounselingatl.

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