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Motivation from a household product? Never see your ironing board the same again!


Today is the start of 2018’s Black History Month.  While I am 365 Days Black, I can appreciate the pause we make in the year to celebrate, acknowledge, and learn about the contribution of black Americans to this country.  IHTG is all about promoting the positive images of black womanhood and that includes spotlighting the black women in history who have made substantial sacrifices to lift us all up.

Day 1 of black history month, I want to share a little-known woman of influence.  You may have never heard of her before, but I can guarantee you’ve been touched by her genius.  I want to introduce you to Sarah Boone.  She is the inventor of the ironing board!  Yes!  The item that is used in just about EVERY household in the country was created by a beautiful black woman.

Born in 1832, in North Carolina, we can imagine the obstacles that Sarah Boone faced.  This is why her story is even more empowering than at first glance.  When I began learning about this inventor, I was inspired.  It’s great to see the ingenuity of a woman that looks like you and has impacted the world.  So, for that, I was proud.

Ironing Board
Sarah Boone’s Ironing Board Patent.

I decided to print a copy of her patent drawing and frame it.  I would then put this patent and the patent of other black female inventors on my wall.  This would serve as a daily inspiration to manifest your ideas.  But, it was the date of the patent that took my feeling of motivation to a strong sense of empowerment.  Sarah Boone patented the ironing board in 1892.  1892!  She was 60 years old!!!  That was the cherry on top for me.  It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re at, what obstacles you have to overcome, or how old you are… you can still make those dreams come true!











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