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A Melanated Moment with the ladies of Classy Living Society

Melanated women are magical indeed.  We can turn an everyday moment into a lasting memory.  Because of this, I’ve decided to highlight the amazing “Melanated Moments” that happen in my life.  You may be asking, “what is a melanated moment”?  Well, I’d like to describe them as those moments when we sisters get together and turn the ordinary into extraordinary!

It’s those moments when we defy the odds that are stacked against us while coming out the other end chic, fleeky, sophisticated, and fierce!  These are the moments when we adjust our crown so that our little ones never forget or doubt the magic that is being a black woman.  Are you ready?

A good friend of mine sent me a text on a Friday evening and stated that she wanted to gift me a ticket to a wine & tapas event for that coming Saturday.  Since I had no plans for the coming weekend, I excitedly accepted her gift and thanked her for the opportunity.  I am a real lover of wine, so anything including wine is a win for me!  This event was a private event being held at Hal’s Kitchen.  I had heard a bit about Hal’s Kitchen through some media releases but had never made the chance to visit.  Even more interesting, the event was a private event for a volunteer group of sisters called the Classy Living Society.

Melanated CLS
Me & CLS Founder, LaShanda Pitts

Shortly after accepting, I received a Facebook message from the founder of CLS, LaShanda Pitts.  She kindly greeted me, gave me the details of the event location, what to expect, and more.  After researching the organization, I was really excited to see what this event was all about and to meet these new faces.  When I walked in, I was greeted with hugs and smiles from beautiful melanin women of all shades and sizes.

My spirit just expanded with joy to see this sight.  Black women coming together to love on one another.  I mean, they didn’t know me from Adam, and they were genuinely treating me like a long lost sister.  The wine was being poured by Pitts herself, and I was all too happy to finally meet her.

Melanated CLSThere was delicious food waiting to be prepared for us ladies by the private chef and her team.  Some of the ladies helped out in preparation, while others milled around to chat.  I decided to chat and get to know the ladies and more about the organization.  I learned a lot about these women and their intense focus of volunteering in their communities and abroad.  The women of CLS are mainly a volunteer organization, and they host events like the one I attended as a way to let their hair down with their sisters after a busy volunteer season.

IMG_9391I’m telling you, it was truly a sight to see and experience.  The food was absolutely amazing!  I don’t even know where to start.  I believe the menu consisted of 5 courses, be it tapas, I promise you I was stuffed!  I mean… look at this glorious food! LOL.

IMG_9376I really had a great time meeting new dope black chicks.  I sent a text to my friend, Kimya to thank her again for the ticket.  She replied, “I knew you’d love it, they’re all about empowerment and that is so YOU!”

She was right, they had me at hello.  So much so, that I purchased a ticket to their upcoming annual volunteer event, the Red Dress Gala.  The Red Dress Gala is an annual fundraising event hosted by Classy Living Society to benefit charities within the community.  Thank you, Classy Living Society, for allowing me a look into your sisterhood and blessing me with a true “Melanated Moment” on a Saturday afternoon.  You ladies are amazing and I look forward to hanging out with you again soon!

For more information on the Classy Living Society organization or their events, visit:

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