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Women That Rock- Melody Angel [A Changing of the Guards]


As we embark on a changing of the guards, I’ve asked myself a serious question. Will our artists provide a deep understanding of the changes that our country will be experiencing in the days, months and years to come?   I wonder will they speak out on issues involving Americans in this country just as our greats did in the late sixties and seventies. Or will they just sit back and remain silent. Either way they choose to look at it, is solely their choice.

The young lady I’m about to introduce to you guys this week clearly has been lending her voice to the voiceless.

I first discovered this amazing singer, songwriter on a reality show. Yes, I said it. P. Diddy’s Starmaker. This show aired on MTV in 2009. That young performers name was “Melody Angel”. The Chicago native impressed her judges and fans alike, with night after night stellar performances. It just wasn’t enough to clinch the winners title. But, the exposure did help this amazingly gifted singer, songwriter with a boost in her music.

Melody’s raspy, soulfully charge voice leaves you absolutely speechless. She shows complete control over her voice. Careful placement of her vocals can be heard on every track with conviction and accuracy. And, I wouldn’t doubt that growing up in Chicago helped to shape her into whom she has become. Sometimes, seeing the day to day injustice and turmoil growing has a way of molding you. And in many cases, music acts as elixir, to smooth the pain.

Melody has a project out entitled “In This America”. The title track speaks loud to the injustice that has been plaguing the country lately. Accounts of Police brutality and senseless killing are addressed boldly and prophetically on this track, accompanied by beautiful guitar riffs that fill the room as they are being strummed. This is a powerful song that should be spread everywhere throughout the communities stricken by gun violence and senseless killings.

Melody not only sings about injustice in the community, but she also shows her support by becoming active in the community, by showing her solidarity with the marchers of injustice and equality for all. This young talent is clearly channeling the spirits of the greats like Nina Simone. I would love to see this amazing artist perform the Afro Punk festival 2017. It’s just an idea! If you guys are in need of some musical therapy to get you thru the weeks to come, try Melody Angel on for size. I think she may have just what the doctor ordered. Remember everyone, now more than ever; we as a people have to stick and stand together to make it through these next few years. Support you indie artists and their craft. It’s more valuable than you think.

LeslieLeslie Thomas is a festival addict , travel enthusiast, lover of all things music.  Follow me on twitter @lboogie25!