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Where You Should Be Spending Your Money: Mira Estell

It’s another glorious Friday! And it’s time for us to highlight more amazing black entrepreneurs! In Where You Should Be Spending Your Money, we showcase the various businesses available in our community that we can support to inspire you to cycle your very important and all-powerful dollar amongst people that look like you and have YOU in mind.  Today, we feature Mira Estell.

IHTG:  Tell us a little about yourself (hometown, family life, etc.).

Mira Estell
Amira Willliams-Estell

My name is Amira Estell I’m a handbag designer, a wife, and mommy to four beautiful daughters! I do everything for the sake of my divas!

I am a Jersey girl living in a Detroit world!  It’s been amazing to see the city of Detroit come out of the shadows. It’s amazing to witness the world get to see what the D has had all along. The energy and resilience of the people here is inspiring.  It feels amazing that I was able to start Mira Estell here!

IHTG: What motivated you to start this business?

I was motivated to start this business by sheer passion. This was something that has been on my heart for a long time. I had made several failed attempts at it. Mira Estell was me picking myself up by the bootstraps and making another go at it!  I am also setting an example not only for my children but tomorrow’s future leaders, entrepreneurs etc. and I want them to see what vision, passion and determination are all about. There is always someone out there watching for inspiration and motivation and I want to do my part.

IHTG: Tell us about your business (what product or service do you offer, your typical customer, etc.).

Mira Estell is an Exclusive handmade handbag and accessories line. Each piece has something unique and exquisite.  We use high-quality materials to bring a well-crafted product.  Our typical client is a woman who knows who she is. She likes quality products that are not typical.  I like to say the Mira Estell woman knows that fashion is about risks and being an individual.

IHTG: How does your business give back to the community?

Mira Estell gives back in many facets. We have donated handbags to charitable auctions that benefit children mentorship programs, fashion programs as well as adopt-a-family programs.  I have a real soft spot for mentoring others. So I tend to focus more on that!

IHTG:  What advice would you give to someone considering starting a business?

My advice would be to research so that you at least have a general knowledge of what you are getting into.  Find out who is doing what you want to do or doing something similar and see if they can mentor you.  Find a circle of like-minded individuals that you can bounce ideas off of and are knowledgeable enough to give you valuable feedback.  Read read read as much as you can about business period!  Get someone to assist with your finances if they are not already in order.  Most important is to not be too scared to go for it. Nothing will ever be perfect. Not timing, not money or support. So do not let fear hinder you but let it fuel you!

IHTG: What is the best advice you’ve received since starting your business?

Don’t sell yourself short!!!!  Set your prices or fees and don’t budge. They are either your customer or not. If you have to devalue your product for the sake of the sale then that is not the sale for you.  This advice was given by a fellow designer and I love her for this. She always says this Prince quote “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit.”  I totally get it and when it comes to price I haven’t budged!

You can learn more about Mira Estell by visiting her website: and on social media @miraestell.