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NEW MUSIC: Missy Elliot drops “I’m Better” Music Video

If this is your first time to IHEARTHATGIRL.COM, then let me warn you…WE LOVE Missy Elliot!!!!

Yes, she is such an inspiration to me.  I saw the emergence of this female artist.  I watched as her gift cultivated and evolved year by year into the legend she is today.  When she put the game down, flipped it, and reversed it.  It wasn’t just a song lyric.  She was telling you her plan.

20 years later, Missy Elliot is still killing the music game.  It doesn’t matter how many times music styles change, she will always be ahead of the game (oh, she told ya’ll that too).

“Ain’t no shame ladies do yo’ thang.  Just make sure you’re ahead of the game.” –  Missy Elliot, “Work It”


She’s always ahead, because she’s always been ahead.  She never created music on trend, she set the trend.  And with this latest offering, “I’m Better”, I see how she’s even taken the current music style and evolved it in true Missy fashion.

As a hardcore Missy fan, I will always be thankful for her artistry.  I love an artist that I can count on.  An artist who’s style changes, but still remains true to who they are.  An artist that can be influenced by what goes on around them, but reflect it in THEIR own special way.

Missy is also working on a documentary and we can not wait to see it!!  Check out the video below of her latest release, “I’m Better”, and let me know your thoughts.