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Where You Should Be Spending Your Money: Open For Business Coworking Space


Look, the sisters are doing it for them selves, are we not?  I love seeing the boss babes in action!  And you know we always put a little magic on everything we touch right?  And I do mean, everything!  Yes, from products to services, we can’t help but be magical.  And I know exactly where you can get a super dose of magic while handling your own boss moves…it’s at the Open For Business Coworking Space in Atlanta.

OFB coworking
The amazing shared space is filled with sophisticated and stylish decor.

That’s right!  Located on the historic Auburn Avenue, this space is a haven and resource for some serious Girl Power!  It’s a place that offers the professionalism of a dedicated office space, without the hefty bill through shared spaces.  You can also invest a bit more to secure a private office space as well.  Either way, you’ll not only have access for work space, but access to a plethora of like-minded, educated, and knowledgeable businesswomen.  This is a great added value for those of us in need of a business mentor.

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It is seriously like the coolest, trendiest tribe of black female bosses I have ever seen.  You can’t help but be inspired by the amazing decor that fills the walls.  As well, the other businesswomen keep you motivated and inspired.  The visionary behind the space is a bustling boss lady herself, Mrs. Nicole Garner Scott.  She has a long list of entrepreneurial accomplishments, too many to add to this post, so for more info on Mrs. Thang, click here!

OFB coworking
“Hey Girlfriend!” The sisterhood is on point!

She created the space to be both a community for women business owners ripe with learning opportunities and a physical collaborative work space where women could come to work, meet, and learn. The surrounding community is alive with new energy, innovation, young business owners and endless opportunity.  Members of OFB are also connected with their parent organization, 100 Female Entrepreneurs and are able to tap into the resources of a global network of raw and rewarding girl power.

I know many of my readers are women with some serious goals and aspirations.  That is why I am sharing with you information on a place to invest your hard earned coins towards your goals.  Our money is power, and we should be spending it with businesses that will utilize those funds by pouring them back into the community, back into us.  For more info on OFB, visit their website:  Check out the video below for a virtual peek of what this space has to offer:




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