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WYSBSYM: For the entrepreneurs- Are you a GlamBoss?


Women are kicking butt in the entrepreneurship department.  I love meeting sisters that are taking life into their hands, utilizing their gifts and talents, and making a profit off of their skill set.  On top of that, we make running business look good!  The mixture of glamour and entrepreneurship is the aim of GlamBoss a store filled with educational tools for the blossoming entrepreneur.

Glamboss CourseI frequent the store and have learned a lot from the resources available.  There are ebooks and webinars to help you learn everything you need to know about starting your business.  From teaching you how to get paid to speak, to learning how to utillize Canva, there is a plethora of information available at your fingertips.  There truly is no excuse as to why you haven’t stepped out on that dream you’ve been dreaming for years.  Oh, and wake up!  Realize your dream by taking action.  And if you run into issues, I have just given you another resource to tap into to move you along.  So go get it girl!

Glamboss Founder
Lillie Mae

As President of Lillie Mae PR and Creator of – Lillie Mae has dedicated her efforts to empowering, recognizing and supporting entrepreneurs of all facets around the country.  From London to California, she has connected with women through power calls, books, webinars, innovative events and empowerment tours, to provide them with unique resources that will elevate them professionally and personally. has become the go-to source for women to discover products and opportunities to enhance their brand and income!

Let’s show our sisterpreneur some love and send those coins flowing her way!





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