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Where You Should Be Spending Your Money: Jazzy Nail Studio


Hey sistas!  After a busy or hectic work week we all need that self-care fix.  Am I right?  For me, the nail salon is that spot.  However, most of the nail salons in our communities are owned by Asian Americans.  I don’t know about you, but I almost NEVER feel respected there.  I mean, even when there is no blatant disrespect, I feel disrespected by the use of two languages!

My thing is this… if the majority of your customers speak English and YOU speak English, why in the hell are you speaking to your co-worker in a different language???  I don’t know if you’re talking about me or not, but the consumer shouldn’t feel “uncomfortable”.  Especially when I’m funding little Ling Chao’s medical degree.  #facts 

With that being said, a couple years ago, I was on a mission to spend money with a black owned nail salon.  I found a place where I felt comfortable, met amazing women, shared great stories and even grieved the loss of Prince in true black style, while having my nails sculpted to perfection (shout out to my stylist LaKendra)!  If you have never experienced a black owned nail salon and you’re in the Atlanta area, let me introduce you to Jazzy Nail Studio!

Business Name:  Jazzy Nail Studio

Location:  Norcross, GA

About:  Jazzy Nail Studio is an appointment only nail art studio.  We have a talented team of nail artists that specialize in the latest trends in nail art and nail care, all while maintaining the health of your natural nails. We also offer lash extensions, pedicures and henna.

jazzy nail salon 


Owner:  Jasmine Requena

jazzy nail studioJasmine has been a licensed nail technician for over 15 years now. She has used her expertise to brand herself, thus making her stand out among her peers. She is passionate about the nail business and teaches other nail technicians how to tap into their inner artist and grow their business.  Visit her website to book your next appointment!















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