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Kimberly “Isis” featured on new black women’s thought web series, The Muse Clique

I was recently invited to participate in the premiere episode of a brand new web series entitled, The Muse Clique.  I love the innovation of the young sisters to create their own space and control their narrative.  That was reason enough for me to want to be a part of it, although I had no idea of the other amazing women that would be a part of this as well.

The Muse Clique aims to discuss the various topics/issues that black millennial women can relate to.  As an “almost millennial”, I felt welcomed by the group.   As we sat to share thoughts on equal pay, our seat at the table, colorism, and black girl magic, my heart glowed.  The discussion included me and 4 other women from diverse backgrounds.  Which all together made for an engaging and eye-opening discussion.  I am excited to see the coming episodes and hear the discussions from even more talented black women.

The ladies dubbed me “Willow Tree”, lol.  I was happy to take that nickname, stepping into my senior shoes with a smile after seeing that the voice of black women, our rights, and our passions will be in excellent hands.  Our young sisters are just as able to push forward the black female agenda while navigating a world that seeks to deny us a voice in the discussion.  Take a look at episode one, subscribe to the series, and comment your thoughts.

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