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The Queenship Workshop at Clayton State University


I love when I’m able to come out from behind the keyboard and empower women face to face.  Wednesday, I was given that opportunity as the Keynote speaker for the O.W.L.S. (Organizing Women for Lifelong Success) organization at Clayton State University.

The event was called the Queenship Workshop.  During the event, the young ladies took time to get to know each other at their table, by finding out a unique quality about that person.  They then presented the “Queens” that was at the table with them by acknowledging that quality.  I loved how they present each girl by stating her name after her surname of Queen.

QueenshipThese ladies really impressed me with their “black girl magic” floating all over the room.  The vibe was lovely and so were they.  Their advisor, Stephanie Richardson, and I hit it off as if we had known each other for years!  Lol…seriously, if you like an engaging and thought-provoking conversation I am down!  The activities continued with the women defining what it means to be a Queen, why they call themselves Queens, and more.


For this group of women, I decided to deliver a speech about the necessary qualities of their Queenship.  Most importantly reminding the young women to define their own life story and to be bold in pursuing their passions by always betting on themselves.  I plan on following some of these young women to ensure their belief in their own abilities isn’t wavering.  It’s so empowering to see our future embracing their beauty, their uniqueness, and their possibilities.

Queenship Keynote