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Women That Rock: Ray BLK

Over the weekend, I surrounded myself around music. I know some of you may be wondering what does that mean. Well, I’ll tell you. So often we as music lovers just put on a piece of music to just have sound filling up the room. Often times you don’t literally listen to the words or the structure of the track, to really appreciate what is being played. Well, this week I did just that. I literally listened to the lyrics of a familiar tune and I studied the concept of the record, the placement, structure of the song, and also the attitude and passion that was used to project the track. And, I must say it made me take notice to what and who I was listening to. This week’s artist spotlight, was found while watching a show on Netflix.

“Rita Ekwere”, is better known to most as “Ray Blk”. This British singer and songwriter is a Nigerian born artist who grew up in London.

You may ask how the BLK portion of her name came about. Well, it stands for Building, Living and Knowing, which she describes as her three main values. So, right away she has caught my attention with such a profound message.

So let’s talk about the music. Ray can be referred to as an artist who isn’t afraid of being totally honest and giving her listeners a glimpse into her very own life.

Her single, entitled ” My Hood” demonstrates this practice effortlessly. Ray’s vocal tone is a clear display of complete control and direction of her vocal capabilities.

Ray currently has an EP entitled “Durt”.Which takes her listeners on a cosmic ride into her world. With her melodic vocals flowing over heavy synthesized beats. At times, her style reminds you of the 90’s rapper Bahamadia. For all those real hip hop headz the track I would say is my favorite joint is entitled “Chill Out”. This track has good placement and structure. She definitely gives us a clear idea of her musical influences on this track. From artist like Lauryn Hill to Bahamadia, I advice you to check out a fresh artist whose style and sound is remincing the days of good thought provoking music. Remember, to support real musicians and their crafts. Cause, if we don’t show them that we support what they do. They won’t continue bearing nothing but their souls. Spread the word when you find those artist that are getting the attention like the major artist. Remember, if you don’t like what’s on the airways then change it.

Leslie Byline Graphic