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Not Just Another Dope Boy Story: SnowFall Premiere’s July 5th on FX


I had the pleasure of viewing the advanced screening of John Singleton’s new drama, Snowfall, which premieres on FX, July 5th.   The show is set in Los Angeles during the early 80’s and focuses on the lives of three main characters.

Franklin Saint, played by the gorgeous Damson Idris, is a young man fresh out of high school who is involved in the drug game on a low scale.   Teddy McDonald is played by Carter Hudson, who becomes involved in the movement of cocaine from South America into the United States.  The third main character is Gustavo Zapata, who is played by Sergio Peris- Mencheta.  From what I understand about his character; he is a professional wrestler who becomes involved with a crime family.

SnowFall Cast
SnowFall FX cast with John Singleton.

SnowFall DiscussThe show immediately grabs your attention, as soon as it begins. It is a tad on the graphic side, definitely not anything you will want to watch with the kids. The first episode follows all three characters through situations they are each experiencing.  Each of the main characters is from a different background. Franklin is a young black man living in an inner city neighborhood with his mother.   He also sells drugs with his uncle.   From what I saw, it looked to be marijuana. Teddy is a CIA agent who has fallen from grace. They haven’t revealed yet what he’s done to piss off his superiors but he is given the opportunity to lead the operation that will begin the widespread distribution of cocaine into the United States. I didn’t really get much of Gustavo’s story, except that he is trying to impress, who I believe, are his sister and brother, by completing a mission where things get a little out of hand.

SnowFall DaurieWhat I like most about this show is the representation of different social groups and how they are affected by the cocaine epidemic. I’m excited to see how each story will play out.  I appreciate the importance of this story.  It is important for the American people to know and understand how the “War on drugs” originated. Snowfall is airing at a pivotal time in our country.  I’m excited to see how it will be received.

#SnowfallFX  premieres Wednesday, July 5th at 10/9c on FX.

Photos by James Pray for FX Networks