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Southern University A&M Gives Their Spin of A Different World

Southern University Different World

There are so many videos and articles posted on Facebook.  It’s kept me up to date and entertained more than television.  I love that I see stories I probably would never see on mainstream television either.  Such as: heroic cop stories, empathetic stories of hope for the helpless, enraging video of police brutality, hilarious comedy gold, and more.  Southern University has given me another that I must share with you.

Recently, I was scrolling my timeline.   I came upon a video by Facebook friend and Southern University admissions representative, Ala’Torya Cranford.  The video is for their Freshman Orientation.  It’s a rendition of the classic television sitcom, “A Different World”.  A Different World inspired many a black child to aspire to attend an HBCU.  If I were a student preparing for college, this video would definitely make me add Southern University A&M to the top of my list!  Way to go, Southern!  We love this!  Check out the video below:

Historically black colleges should be sacred to us. These institutions instill self-love, opportunity, and aspiration in all its students. These are ideals that sadly are not cultivated by communities outside of the black community. As a graduate of a predominately white institution, I recognize that there was a sense of “ceiling” placed on black students.  We were never told of the limitless possibilities.  This is why I have such a love for HBCU’s.  There is nothing like being among your own, learning about yourself and your culture.