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Where You Should Be Spending Your Money: Jess Creating Memories

It’s another glorious Friday! And it’s time for us to highlight more amazing black entrepreneurs! In Where You Should Be Spending Your Money, we showcase the various businesses available in our community that we can support to inspire you to cycle your very important and all-powerful dollar amongst people that look like you and have YOU in mind.

IHTG:  Tell us a little about yourself (hometown, family life, etc.).

Jess Creating Memories
Jess Wade

My name is Mrs. Jessielyn Wade. Known to some as Jessie and Nakia. I am from Warrior, Alabama, a small town outside of Birmingham. I’m the middle child of four and have a twin brother. Family time as a child was a must. During the summer we traveled with our grandmother to Buffalo, New York. We looked forward to this trip every year. Our family got together often for dinner, Friday night fish fry’s or just to hang out. I was recently married to my wonderful husband Greg on December 10, 2016. We have a beautiful seven-year-old daughter, Leah, who is the princess of the house. I love my family and cherish the time and memories we had and continue to have until this day. I have learned to cherish the time and memories you have of your loved ones while they are still here.

IHTG:  What motivated you to start this business?

My business started off as a hobby that I was passionate about. The more pictures I took the more obsessive I became. I began to take classes to learn more about my craft. Soon after, I began to get my business affairs in order. I secured my business name, built my website and began to market my business. I established Jess Creating Memories (JCM) in 2014 which is a manifestation of my passion to create memories.

IHTG:  Tell us about your business (what product or service do you offer, your typical customer, etc.).

JCM is all about creating memories one picture at a time. JCM was founded on the principles of prayer, morals, and integrity. I consider myself a “Passionate Photographer”. I look beyond the time of the picture being taken to see what memory can be captured for years to come. After consulting with my clients and getting to know them I begin to get a fell on how to capture their memory.

IHTG:  How does your business give back to the community?

I capture the community prayer walks, back to school events and feeding the homeless just to name a few. My future goal for the community is to have a photo shoot for the nursing homes that would consist of a complete makeover.

IHTG:  What advice would you give to someone considering starting a business?

Starting a business is to first learn the industry (know your craft), read, research, be consistent, get a mentor, plan, get organized and NEVER give up. There will be some struggles along the way, but they will help you in the long run.

IHTG:  What is the best advice you’ve received since starting your business?

“Don’t take it personal”. Everyone is not a fit for your business. Market to those who love what you do.

You can learn more about JCM and her services by visiting her on Facebook: Jess Creating Memories and Instagram: @jess_creating_memories.