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Where You Should Be Spending Your Money: Kelliebrew’s World


It’s another gorgeous Friday and that means for many of us, it’s also payday!  Of course, shopping is that “thing” we do when the weekend comes.  So today, we’re giving you another place to sprinkle those coins… enter KellieBrew’s World.

I met KellieBrew a few years ago at an UNCF event.  She was a person you don’t forget.  Edgy, bright, electric and a sweetheart!  We exchanged info and I learned so much more about her.  She’s a graphic artist and her work is SICK!!!

If you like super dope -ish, then this is exactly where you should be!  Her art is so eclectic and not only can you purchase a piece for your walls, she designs websites, logos, and even SHOWER CURTAINS!  Yes, in her shop, many of her designs can be printed onto various accessories like:  headphones, shower curtains, pillows, and coffee mugs!!

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16864547_1577106458996106_156168188375046138_n When I saw this…

This coffee mug will be joining my collection soon!  Oh, and did I mention that this diva is also designing sneakers?!  I live!!!  You’ve gotta check her out for yourself and see what is “brewing” in her beautiful mind.  Visit her online here:  KellieBrewsWorld










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