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Where You Should Be Spending Your Money: Tee’s Hair Secret


Lots of company’s have been making some big blunders lately:  United Airlines, Pepsi, Ebony, Shea Moisture… Yes, I’m still shaking my head over that one.  It just seems like they still haven’t figured out that our money is powerful.  And that is the exact reason why each week, I give you a company to put your power to work!  Today, I introduce you to a hair care company.  That’s Tee’s Hair Secret!


I’ve noticed many sisters have vocalized their frustration with hair care companies that fail to remember their core audience or give them any love when it comes to advertising a product that we helped build into a multi-million dollar company.  That’s what makes owner, Taneika Randall, so unique.  Her product was created for her.  She is a black woman with all the concerns that we have and she particularly created a formula to alleviate her needs.  Needs that we (black women) share.

12347869_10154049759194819_6970121504522564044_n In 2011 she was diagnosed with Leukemia and underwent 5 rounds of chemotherapy. By the grace of God she became cancer free but the chemotherapy also unfortunately left her completely bald. She started to research ways to naturally regrow her hair. During this time she also educated family and friends on proper hair care and maintenance. One day it dawned on her to share her passion with the world (Facebook) and by doing so, many friends were interested in trying out her products. After rave reviews and the support of her loving husband; Sweet Soaps and Suds LLC was born. She later went on to develop Tee’s Hair Secret, their natural hair care brand.

TeesHairTee’s Hair Secret is much more than hair care, it is a lifestyle.  With offerings of head wraps, soaps, shampoo bars, and much more; you are sure to find something to fit your hair care fancy.  Based in Houston, TX and available worldwide, this is a sista that should be supported by other sistas.  I met Taneika in 2015 at the Nzuri Hair Festival.  She had a sweet and kind demeanor then as she still does today.  Connections are amazing aren’t they?

Visit her online today: or follow her on Instagram (@teeshairsecret)!  Make sure you let her know we sent you!


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