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One to Watch: A United Kingdom

“A United Kingdom” is a ravishing film that expresses to the world courageousness and love by taking a stance for unity in a nation of segregation. The true love story of Seretse Khama, an African King and Ruth Williams, a white woman and London native; looked beyond color, tradition, notoriety, and defied all rules for companionship. The challenge was not two races unifying but for a country to become independent.


The story shares of trials and division between the hearts of man. Prideful-ness was infectious and became viral within the governance of The British and the people of Africa. This caused a gruesome form of hatred in the souls of their citizens in each country.

image7“No man is free who is not master of himself” –David Oyelowo. Serete Khama was a noble man, honest leader, loving husband, and caring King. His duty was to his people. His love was for his country. His passion was liberated through his progression of bringing promising change that would enhance the welfare of his people. With Ruth Williams by his side; they were able to change the sight in how “the new normal” is supposed to be gleamed upon.

“Race has no bearing on equality and justice,” –David Oyelowo. Ruth was a woman who teaches us a lesson through her grace. She was a force to be reckon with. She didn’t say much, yet when she spoke she said enough. Ruth, was a wife of a King and a mother of a nation. She always showed love, generosity, and concern for a country that once rejected her. Nonetheless, grew to love and respect her. To change a perception, actions must be taken by love.

Love is the healer for brokenness. The people of Africa lived in darkness for ages, having little resources to survive, and were abused by a white government.

Nevertheless, their lights never dimmed within…

image6“Don’t allow the ugliness of this world, to take our joy away from us.”- David Oyelowo The ending of A United Kingdom expresses the worth of waiting. This concludes us to acknowledge hope even in a moment of despair. The release of this movie was right on time. The well-known screenwriter, Guy Hibbert and childhood actress, now director Amma Asante told a story that aligns us with common world issues in which we are presently confronted with.

The sensitivity of the matters of the heart are always relevant but at times exile.  Many common circumstances are seemingly overshadowed by fear of uncertainty.  A United Kingdom answers the uncertainties of life to its audience by using a simple tool and international language called love.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if this is “one to watch”!

image1 Camille Snow is an entertainment journalist.  Follow her on Instagram @iamcamilleelise.