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How I went from Unfit to #TeamFit Overnight! And how you can too!

I’ve never been the most athletic kid in school, I liked to sprint, but not in an official capacity.  No, my sprinting sessions happened on the dirt roads off highway 25 where I grew up.  As a youngster I was always super skinny, begging God to put some meat on my bones.  When I graduated high school, I only weighed 86 pounds!  I remember very well my “freshman 15” in college.  I stepped on a scale in the mall and I was 113!  I almost passed out!  LOL, the simpler days.

I suffered a bilateral PE and it changed my outlook on everything.  I wanted to do more, go places, hell…I wanted to LIVE!

By 25, I was nearing the 140’s.  And after 6 years of marriage and a divorce, I was topping out at 166 pounds!  Yes, I was a wreck, but not because of my size, it was because of how I felt inside.  You know how they say if you’re sick, dress up and you begin to feel better?  It’s the same here.  My weight gain was just a result of the stress and frustration on the inside.  As I began to work those inner things out, things changed on the outside.  But that wasn’t “it” for me.

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Yes, I lost weight, began a low-carb lifestyle, and regained some semblance of who I used to be.  But little did I know that low weight doesn’t equate to being healthy.  I suffered a bilateral PE and it changed my outlook on everything.  I wanted to do more, go places, hell…I wanted to LIVE!

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During recovery, I planned to get it right this time.  I failed, lol.  The “living” concept, I understood that.  The fitness, was hard for me to commit, because in all honesty, I am lazy when it comes to strenuous activity.  One morning, my best friend posted her walk to Facebook and knowing how determined she was to shed pounds and reclaim herself, it motivated me to get out and get moving.  I started walking that day, changed my eating habits, and got serious about being fit in that instant.  So what happened?  What clicked?  I’ll break it down for you and hopefully these tips will get you headed towards a fit lifestyle too!

  1. TeamFit walking
    Walking has become my method of recharging and focusing my strength.

    Just Do It! I didn’t put much thought into it guys.  I just got up and walked outside.  There doesn’t have to be a plan or a membership, and at this point, not even a goal!  Just lace up and get moving!

  2. Set your own pace!  My day one was a 10 minute walk from my house, up the street, and back.  I was ok with that.  I was just proud that I got out there.
  3. Challenge Yourself! Each day, I push myself to go a little further or a little longer.  I also challenge myself with streaks (how many days straight can I do a mile).
  4. Don’t Beat Yourself Up!  Some days I will walk for 15 minutes and very slowly.  I don’t beat myself up, I’m still proud that I got out there.  Celebrate that!
  5. Do It For You!  At the end of the day, your success is all about you.  It’s not about getting summertime fine.  Trying to get your sexy back, or even about getting “his” attention.  If you make your fitness about your desire to live and live your best life, you will succeed because you are personally invested.  I make healthier decisions about my lifestyle now because I am doing this for me and no one else.  Only you know when you are at your best!

I’m going to be sharing my fit lifestyle with you guys on a weekly basis, because I want you to see the reality of having a fit mind, body, and life.  No, I’m not a fitness guru.  Nor am I vying to become anyone’s fitness model.  I’ll leave that to the pros.  But what I am after is a better quality of life for me.  I don’t want to see the inside of a hospital ever again.  I want to live a long, healthy life so that I can continue to empower women around the globe to love themselves FOR themselves.  I want to LIVE so I can do ME!  I’d love to hear your fitness, weight loss, and life stories.  I hope you join me for this process too!  Let me leave you with this: