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Why Xscape reunited is great for Black Feminism


Last night, live on the BET Awards, Xscape gave us a trip down memory lane.  For those who remember the SoSoDef R&B group with all the hip-hop edge we southern girls needed; it was a flashback to an earlier time in our youth.  I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, I was out of my seat!

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Tiny, Tamika, Kandi, and Tocha gave their first live performance reunited in well over a decade  It was such a statement of girl power to see these grown ass women together again!  The new generation were able to see that Tiny & Kandi (obviously the most familiar of the group to them) were “bosses” well before T.I. or The Real Housewives.  On top of that, they showed that they can STILL hold their own.

With the recent split between Tiny and T.I., I could feel the rest of the world pulling for her to show up and deliver.  That, she did.  It’s sad, but even in 2017, when a woman goes through a divorce at any level, she is expected to fold under the trauma.  To see Tiny on that stage, looking as good as she did, and singing her little butt off… Girl, I was like, “Girl Power!!”  She was singing for divorced sisters all over the country in that moment.  Tiny is relevant without Tip!  She was someone before and she will be after.



061917-beta-escape-behind-the-lights-1The music industry was reminded of just how many hits this group had in the short medley:  Who Can I Run To, Understanding, Just Kickin’ It.  I cannot wait to see them live at Essence Fest!!  So many statements were made last night with their appearance.  The group is probably unaware of it, but let me point out what it meant to me:

  • The ladies of Xscape have always represented the strength, vulnerability, tough skin, and softness of being a woman.  We’re tough, but we desire to be loved as well.  All we need is a little understanding (pun intended).

  • Coming together again after turbulent times is always good.  Reuniting with your sisters and showing the world that TOGETHER we are a force, well… you get it.

  • This Xscape is a GROWN ASS WOMAN group!  Yes, for those grown ass bodies on stage! I know some were nipped, tucked, and body magic’d the hell out, but there is no denying that those were adult bodies on that stage.  They were beautiful, thick, and lovely!

  • And finally, these women who were once young girls from Atlanta, Georgia.  Have grown to be leaders in their own right.  With or without successful husbands on their arms; these ladies are the captains of their destiny.  They are in control and if they didn’t know before last night, they have a legacy.

Check out their performance on the BET Awards here and let me know what this reunion means to you:


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